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New Dealer: Purchase Your Training Kit


Purchase a ClareOne 2-1 Kit

We HIGHLY recommend dealers purchase the ClareOne Wireless Security and Smart Home 2-1 Kit. This kit includes the ClareOne Panel, two door/window sensors, and a motion sensor which will help you get experienced with setting up a new projects, familiarizing yourself with the ClareOne panel, using the FusionPro dealer backend tool, and using the ClareHome mobile app. This kit will be helpful when completing your training webinar and certification.

ClareOne 2-1 Kit v2-1You can order the ClareOne 2-1 Kit (CLR-C1-21) from the Snap One store.


Once you have purchased your ClareOne 2-1 Kit, proceed to the next step to register for training and getting started with your 2-1 Kit.