Media Distribution FAQs

What category cable should I use with HDBaseT products?

As a rule of thumb, shielded cables will outperform unshielded cables and CAT6 will outperform CAT5e. Having said that, many factors affect performance, video bandwidth, connectors, patch cables, and terminations. As you move to higher resolutions and increased color depth, you should use a CAT6 shielded cable for the best results.

Can the Clare HDBaseT matrix be controlled via IR from the HDBaseT receiver?

Yes! You can control the HDBaseT Matrix through an HDBaseT Receiver.

IR commands are received on the HDBaseT receiver and transmitted to the HDBaseT Matrix switch. The IR commands are decoded and completed by the matrix switch. The IR command is ignored if it is not valid for the matrix switch. At the same time, all IR commands received by the matrix switch are forwarded to the connected input device via the IR cable connected to the IR input. IR commands for the matrix switch are ignored while the valid device specific IR commands are decoded and completed by the device.