Legacy ClareVision Plus Name Change and App Update: 02/03/2022


Clare Video Plus

We have released an important update this for the ClareVision Plus app used by the Clare Video Doorbell. This update features a cleaner, easier to use interface, and provides iOS 15 support. Additionally, we are renaming the app 'Clare Video Plus' to reduce confusion as we migrate to the new ClareVision platform.

iPhone-6.5-Screen3-1242x2688What's New:

The Legacy ClareVision Plus App will be renamed to the Clare Video Plus app for both iOS and Android devices. End users will not need to do anything but update their app when an update is available. Additionally, the app will include several important updates.

  • Added iOS 15 support
  • Redesigned modernized user interface
  • Improved performance, stability, and reliability
  • Minor bug fixes experienced by some users



What do I need to do?
Nothing. End users will have an update available in their app stores. Services will continue to operate as before.
When will this change happen?
This update has been released for iOS and is available for download. Android will be coming soon.
Why are you changing the name?
This change should help differentiate between the ClareVision video surveillance line launched last year and the Legacy ClareVision Plus line. This name change will apply to the app and any relevant support materials in the Help Center.
How does this affect product names?
No changes will be made to ClareVision Plus products. This change will only affect the mobile app, support materials, and help center reference materials.

Last Updated: 02/04/2022