JM-1 Installation Sheet

for KB

Description / Operation

The JM-1 connects to the home network to enable remote access for Tech Support troubleshooting and installation assistance.

Note: Models herein and their appearance are subject to change without any prior notice.

WARNING: Please read all instructions before attempting to connect equipment. Failure to follow directions may cause bodily injury and damage to equipment.

Packages contents

Remove and inventory all contents from the JM-1 packaging.

  • JM-1 device
  • Power supply

Note: You will need an Ethernet cable.

JM-1 Connection

Configure the ClareHome system, ensure the CLIQ has an active Ethernet connection, and then connect the JM-1.

To connect the JM-1:

1. Plug an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the JM-1, and then connect the opposite end of the cable to the CLIQ’s connected home network or router.

2. Attach the power supply to the power port on the JM-1.

3. Contact Tech Support.

4. Inform the Tech Support representative that you have connected the JM-1, and then provide them with the JM-1’s serial number.

Note: The serial number is also on the box label and the bottom of the JM-1 unit. .

Tech Support is now able to remotely access the device.

Full PDF - JM-1 Installation Sheet (DOC ID 1223)