How do I configure Smart Events like humanoid detection on ClareVision cameras and NVRs

We're covering how to set up Smart Events for ClareVision Performance series cameras and NVRs, as well as how to create arming schedules for different types of events.


How to Configure Smart Events on ClareVision Cameras

How to set up smart events in ClareVision cameras

IMPORTANT NOTE: Smart Events require Intelligent Detection smart event to be set to “Humanoid Detection.” This setting can be enabled by following these steps

  1. Utilize IP Search Tool to find your camera on the network and notate the IP address. 
  2. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the IP address for your camera. 
  3. Log into the camera using camera’s credentials that you created at setup. 
  4. Click on the Configuration tab, then click on Events in the navigation tree on the left side of the page and select Smart Events
  5. Click on the Smart Events sub-menu and the Intelligent Detection page will load. 
  6. From the Detection Mode dropdown list, select Humanoid Detection and click "Save".  
  7. Enable additional smart events like Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing, Loitering, and People Gather detection.
    NOTE: You must tab Save in each category before moving on to the next setting to save your configuration.

How to configure Smart Events on ClareVision NVRs

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up Smart Events to be used with ClareVision Cameras connected to a ClareVision NVRs, please watch the following video:

How to set up Smart Events on ClareVision NVRs

Last Modified: 06/25/21