How to add SONOS to ClareOne and ClareHome

Installation and device configuration

The Sonos devices must be connected to the home’s Wi-Fi network or hard wired using an Ethernet cable, and configured through the Sonos App.

Sonos and ClareOne must be on the same local area network. Once the Sonos devices are connected and configured they become available to add in the ClareHome app.

Auto-discovery with Sonos and the ClareHome app

The ClareHome app uses Auto-discovery to connect to Sonos devices.

To auto-discover Sonos devices with the ClareHome app:

  1. Configure your Sonos devices with the Sonos app on the same network as the ClareOne panel/
  2. Connect the smart phone to the same network.
  3. Open the ClareHome app and Sonos is ready for use, add it to the Favorites page for easy access.
  4. Tap a blank Favorites tile, and then tap +Add Tile.
  5. Tap Music, and then tap + Add.
    Music is added to the Favorites page:

To group Sonos devices:

  1. Tap the Favorites tab, and then tap the Music tile.
  2. Swipe the right to view the Audio Groups.
  3. Tap Group next to the desired Sonos device.
  4. Select the desired devices for the group, and then tap Done.

The devices are now grouped and stream the same audio.