How do I factory reset my Legacy CVP camera?

Most ClareVision Plus dome and bullet cameras have a factory reset button. The button may be internal (inside the main housing) or external (on the body of the camera) depending on the camera model.

The following models have an external factory reset button.

  • CVP-B2B50-ODI
  • CVP-B1C50-IDIW
  • CVP-B2C50-IDIW
  • CVP-B2B50-ODI
  • CVP-B2PT50-IDI (under SD card cover)

The following models have an internal factory reset button. To locate the button the housing of the camera must be removed.

  • CVP-B2D50-ODI
  • CVP-B2D50-ODIW
  • CVP-B2D50-ODI
  • CVP-M4B50-ODI
  • CVP-M4D50-ODI
  • CVP-M4D50-ODIM

To factory reset, complete the following steps.

  1. Locate the reset button.
  2. Remove power from the camera.
  3. Press and hold the reset button.
  4. Apply power to the camera.
  5. Continue holding the reset button for 10 seconds after power is applied.

Note: Performing a factory reset on the camera does not remove or un-register if from the ClareVision Plus account if it was previously registered. After the reset, it may be reconnected to the same account or it must be removed from the account if a new registration is required. To remove it, open CVP app, log into the CVP account to which the camera is attached, then follow CVP app instructions to remove/un-register the camera.