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FusionPro Adding a CVP or Luma Camera to the ClareOne Panel Technical Bulletin

Last Modified: 12/28/20


This tech bulletin provides direction for connecting ClareVision Plus and Luma cameras to the ClareOne panel using FusionPro. Before connecting to ClareOne, the cameras must be connected to the same local network as the ClareOne panel and configured according to the ClareVision/Luma installation instructions.

Note: The ClareOne panel uses ONVIF protocol to connect and stream from cameras. Not all Luma cameras have ONVIF enabled by default and must have a “Media User” created to allow the connections. Follow the steps “Luma camera settings,” to determine if the Media User configuration is required.

ClareVision Plus Camera Activation

  1. Download the SADP Tool, unzip the file, and install it. Open the application.
    Note: The tool can be downloaded for Windows and Mac at  https://www.clarecontrols.com/helpcenter/sadp-tool
  2. A list of cameras will appear. Locate the camera you wish to activate and check the box next to it.
  3. You will see a camera activation dialogue on the right side. Choose a password. Click the Activate button once the password is chosen.

Luma camera settings

Modify the camera settings as detailed below.

To modify the Luma camera settings and create a Media User:

  1. Download and install the Luma Utility app.
    Note: This is a Windows only app.
  2. Use the app to find to find the camera’s IP address. See Luma documentation for finding the IP address.
  3. Log in to the Luma camera using a web browser.

    Refer to Luma documentation or your configuration for User Name and Password.

  4. Click on the Settings icon settings icon next to the desired camera.
  5. Click Video/Audio.

  6. Configure the camera as follows:

    Stream Type: Sub Stream

    Frame Rate: 8

  7. Click Save, and then click Advanced Network Settings.

  8. If present, click on the Integration Protocol sub-tab, and then click Add and continue to Step 9.

    – Or –

    If the Integration Protocol tab is not present, Media User configuration is not required. Record the username and password used in Step 3 and skip to “Adding cameras to the ClareOne panel with FusionPro.”

  9. Enter a username and password for the user and set their administrative level to “Media User”.

    Note: The username and password are used when connecting the camera to the ClareOne Panel.

  10. Click Ok, select the Enable ONVIF box, and then click Save.

    Adding cameras to the ClareOne panel with FusionPro

    Before adding cameras to the ClareOne account, they must be connected to the same local network as the ClareOne panel and configured according to the ClareVision Plus/Luma installation/configuration instructions.

    To add the camera in FusionPro:

    1. Access the account in FusionPro, and then click on the Devices tab. 
    2. Click Add Devices, and then click Cameras.
      Discovered cameras are displayed.
      Note: Camera discovery may take a few minutes depending on the network speed and number of cameras being discovered.

      add cameras
    3. Select the checkbox next to the desired camera.
      – or –
      Click Select All.

      If the cameras have different usernames and passwords, they must be added individually.
    4. Enter the camera’s configured username and password, and then click Add Devices.

      Note: For ClareVision Plus cameras, the username will be “clareadmin” (all lower case) and the password will be what was created in the “ClareVision Plus Camera Activation” section. For Luma cameras, the username and password will be those that were created in the “Luma Camera Settings” section above. 

      add cameras - circled

    Adding Cameras to the ClareOne Panel Favorites List

    1. Tap on the “Favorites” tab on the ClareOne Panel.
    2. Tap on an empty tile.
    3. Tap on the tile again to bring up the device categories list.
    4. Tap CCTV.
    5. Tap Add next to the desired camera.

    Once added, the tile will show a preview screenshot of the camera’s live stream.

    Note: Each camera must be added to the favorites list individually.


    Full PDF - FusionPro Adding a CVP or Luma Camera to the ClareOne Panel Technical Bulletin (DOC ID 1967)