Fusion Z-Wave Backup and Restore Tech Bulletin


The Backup Z-Wave Configuration and Restore Z-Wave Configuration from backup buttons are added with the v6.0.0 release. These buttons allow the backup and restore of the Z-Wave network, protecting it in the unlikely event of a system failure.


  • We recommend backing up the Z-Wave network when you have finished adding all the Z-Wave devices to the project.
  • Use the restore option to restore a Z-Wave network on a replacement controller.
  • Restoring the Z-Wave network is not an immediate action and restarts ClareHome. Once started, it will take time. Your project is unavailable during the restore. It is not recommended to do often, only when necessary.

To access the backup and restore options:

1. Access the Fusion project.

2. Browse to the Z-Wave sub-tab.

Troubleshooting > Z-Wave

3. Click the desired Z-Wave option.

Backup Z-Wave Configuration: This button starts the backup process. Depending on the number of devices in the Z-Wave network, this process can take several minutes.

Image 001

Restore Z-Wave Configuration from backup: This button restores the project’s Z-Wave data using the information from the last Z-Wave backup. Once it is finished restoring the Z-Wave information, ClareHome is restarted. The process is not immediate and can take some time. Use the method below to check if your project is online.

Note: Any devices added after the last backup is restored will need to be manually added back to the project.

Image 002

To check if your project is back online:

1. Access the Devices tab, and then click on the Request Devices Online Status button.

If the system is online, the device’s Status column updates and displays the correct device status.

Image 003

– or –

If the system is still offline, an error is displayed. Wait and tap the button again.

Image 004

2. Look at the project’s version number, and then tap the Refresh icon.

Image 005

3. Verify that you are on the new editable version of the project.

Note: The editable version is the first one under the project name.

Image 006

Full PDF - Fusion Z-Wave Backup and Restore (DOC ID 1761)