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Z-wave door lock sticks and/or doesn’t always provide a valid status in the app.

A door lock that sticks intermittently and doesn’t fully engage or disengage will cause a false reading on the app. It is usually caused by any or all of the following...

  • Not enough clearance/room in the opening into which the bolt slides. If the tolerance is very small the opening can be affected by temperature and humidity.
  • Weak batteries in the lock, replace them with fresh batteries.
  • Faulty lock, must be replaced through your installer/integrator..

To determine which may be the cause, open the door and test the lock while it is opened.

  • If it does not stick and provides proper updates the opening will have to be modified.
  • If it continues to stick, replace the batteries.
  • If it continues to stick, contact your installer/integrator as the door lock may have to be replaced.