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How do you reset the GD00Z and Learn the tilt sensor?

The Linear Garage Door Opener GD00Z can enter a state which requires that the device is reset. If you are having issues with your Linear, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Note: These instructions are for troubleshooting only.

To reset the GD00Z:

1. Press and release the Learn button 5 times.

You will hear a short beep.

Several seconds later, there is a long beep accompanied by a solid red light.

The GD00Z has successfully reset and is ready to be paired with the tilt sensor.

To learn the tilt sensor:

1. Hold the tilt sensor in the vertical position, arrow pointing up.

2. Press and hold the Learn button for 10 seconds.

The device beeps.

3. Move the tilt sensor to a horizontal position.

The device beeps and flashes its LED.

4. Put the tilt sensor back in the vertical position, arrow point up.

The tilt sensor is successfully learned, continue to the Z-Wave pairing instructions.