Control4 V7 Drivers for ClareVision Cameras and NVRs - 06/20/2022

A new driver is available for Control4 systems that use ClareVision Cameras and/or ClareVision NVR's. You can view a brief summary of the release notes below or download the complete technical documentation from the link below. This driver replaces the existing separate ClareVision camera and NVR drivers.

Release Notes:

ClareVision Camera/NVR Control4 Driver:

  • Added support for Intrusion Events for ClareVision Wi-Fi Cameras
  • Fixed a bug that would only display snapshot push notifications for Channel 1
  • Added SDDP support for ClareVision NVR's.
  • Fixed a bug on Android when using the Control4 App that would not properly display snapshots when connected to the the system remotely.

Full Control4 V7 Release Notes and Download Link:

Download the complete release notes and driver from the help center article below.

Control4 V7 Driver for ClareVision Cameras and NVR's