CLIQ.PANEL Installation Sheet


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The ClareHome CLIQ.PANEL provides adjustable support for a CLIQ device. Use the panel mount when placing the CLIQ vertically in an enclosure panel.

Unpacking the CLIQ.PANEL

Remove all contents from the CLIQ.PANEL packaging and ensure you have the following items.

  • 1 × Leviton Base (p/n 200-1750-4)
  • 1 × Universal Slide (p/n 200-1749-3)
  • 3 × Leviton Push Lock Pins (p/n 100-1299-0)

WARNING: Hazard of electrical shock. Exercise extreme caution to avoid physical contact with bare connectors and terminals.


The CLIQ.PANEL is designed to sit vertically in a structured enclose panel. The kit has five pieces: the Leviton Base, the Universal Slider, and three Leviton Push Lock Pins. The slider attaches to the enclosure using the Leviton pins, and then the base rests on the slider.

To attach the Universal Slider to the enclosure:

1. Push the base of the Leviton Push Lock Pin into the structured enclosure until they snap into place.
See Figure 1, items 3 and 4.

Note: When placing the pins, ensure that there is enough room for the base and CLIQ unit.

2. Place the flat back side of the slider in the enclosure, aligning it with the Leviton pins in the enclosure. See Figure 1, item 2.

3. Push the Leviton Push Lock Pins through the holes in the slider to their base in the enclosure, verifying that the pin is fully inserted in the base.

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To attach the CLIQ to the Leviton Base:

1. Hold the CLIQ unit with the rear connectors and ports facing upward.

2. Align the CLIQ’s feet to the flat surface on the front of the base. See Figure 2.

3. Press the CLIQ onto the base.

The CLIQ’s faceplate rests on the bottom ledge of the Leviton Base and the magnets in the CLIQ secure its position.

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To attach the Leviton Base to the Universal Slider:

1. Align the base’s hooks over the open slots in the Universal Slider.

2. Lower the base, ensuring that the hooks continue into the slider.

3. Move the base left or right on the slider to attain the desired position.

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Warranty information

Clare Controls offers a two (2) year limited warranty on original Clare Controls components, from the date of shipment from Clare Controls. To view complete limited warranty details, including limitations and exclusions,

Full PDF - CLIQ.PANEL Installation Sheet (DOC ID 1298)