USB to Ethernet Dongle for CobraNet on the MR-8 Product Bulletin


This product bulletin provides the information necessary to successfully use the USB to Ethernet dongle for CobraNet with the CS-MR-8 (MR-8) for music distribution on the

Note: The USB to Ethernet dongle only supports the MR-8 CobraNet device. The dongle cannot be used with other CobraNet devices.

Image 001

To connect the IR adapter cable to the CLIQ and MR-8 device:

1. Ensure that there is no power going to the

Note: If the is already powered on, remove the power supply and then connect the serial cable. Restart the after attaching the cable.

2. Connect the USB end of the dongle to USB port 2 on the See Figure 2, item 2 and Figure 3, item 2.

Image 002

Image 003

3. Connect the CobraNet Cat5 cable to the RJ-45 port on the dongle.

4. Configure the MR-8 in Fusion.

Configure the MR-8 in Fusion

Once you have connected the MR-8 to the using the Ethernet to USB dongle, configure the MR-8 device in Fusion.

Note: To use an MR-8 with the, you must use Sonos.

To configure the MR-8 device with Sonos in Fusion using the Audio Wizard:


  • The Sonos device must be auto-discovered and listed in the Devices tab. Before you begin refer to the Sonos Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1265).
  • MR-8 configuration with Sonos requires a Sonos Connect.

1. Access your Fusion project, and then click the Devices tab.

2. Click the Audio Setup Wizard icon.

The Audio Setup Wizard displays.

Image 004

3. Select Sonos with CobraNet, and then click Next >.

4. Select the Sonos device (the input) in the left panel, and then select the speaker rooms in the right panel.

Image 005

5. Click Next.

6. The Configure Devices dialog displays. Click Add to view the Add Device dialog, and then select the desired CobraNet device in the Device drop-down.

Image 006

7. Configure the CobraNet device.

  • Name: The desired name of the CobraNet device.
  • I/O Ports: The number of INs and OUTs used on the CobraNet device.
  • Note: In our example we use Sonos as our only input, and have 4 speaker rooms as outputs. So, for IN we enter 1 and for OUT we enter 4.
  • MAC Address: The MAC address of the CobraNet device. It is found on the box of the device, or on the device’s label.
  • Network Address: The IP address set for the CobraNet device. The CobraNet IP scheme is 172.30.100.x. Enter an IP address from to
Image 007

8. Click Add Device, and then expand the CobraNet device.

9. Double-click the --None-- drop-down next to IN-1 or IN-S/PDIF, and then select the Sonos device for the audio source.

Image 008

10. Expand OUT-8, and then double-click --None-- to select the area, and then double-click --None-- to select the Receiver source. Repeat for each OUT.

Image 009

Note: You must click outside of the last box you configure. If you do not click outside of the last configured option, it will not save.

11. Click Next to view the Review page.

Image 010

– or –

Click Finish to exit the Audio Setup Wizard. All devices and services are created automatically.

Full PDF - USB to Ethernet Dongle for CobraNet on the MR-8 Product Bulletin (DOC ID 1293)