ClareVue Lighting Keypad (Scene Controller) Best Practices Tech Bulletin


The ClareVue Keypad (Scene Controller) is a widely used device and is available for configuration by both Clare Controls dealers and homeowners. This document contains suggestions and guidance for keypad use.

Keypad (Scene Controller) LED behavior

There are 2 Keypad (Scene Controller) states. LED feedback depicts the button’s status, not the status of the device controlled by the associated action/scene.

  • Scene: A Scene button’s LED turns on for a brief time as the Scene is initiated and extinguishes.
  • Toggle: Once a toggle button is pressed, that button’s LED remains on until the button is tapped again. The LED is the state of the button, not the devices attached to the button. Once the LED is pressed a second time, the LED extinguishes.

LED toggle behavior

The following is an example of a toggle button’s keypad (Scene Controller) LED feedback.

A button is configured with a toggle action, and has 3 light switches attached. When the button is pressed on the keypad (Scene Controller), the LED illuminates and the start sequence triggers for the toggle. All associated light switches turn on. If 1, 2, or all 3 of the switches is turned off, through the App, manually, or from another source, the button’s LED remains lit.

This button remains illuminated until it is pressed a second time. Once pressed a second time, the button runs the stop sequence and send the command to turn all associated lighting devices off. The devices already off, remain off.

Keypad (Scene Controller) are not network wide inclusive (NWI) devices

The keypad does not pair through other Z-Wave devices, it must be paired with the controller. keypad communicates with the network, but does not repeat. When installing and using keypads keep placement in mind, and do not rely on them to boost your Z-Wave network. We recommend pairing a Z-Wave keypad (Scene Controller) within 30 to 40 feet of the Z-Wave controller.

For more information on NWI and Z-Wave network information, see Installing Z-Wave with ClareHome Tech Bulletin (DOC ID 1162).

Virtual keypad use

We recommend using a virtual keypad for areas of lights where no physical keypad (Scene Controller) is in use - for example, if your kitchen has no physical keypad but has a lighting switch for the cabinets, above the sink, and on the ceiling. Create a virtual keypad to control these lights and associated scenes.

Note: The virtual keypad is not a physical device and has no effect on your Z-Wave devices or network.

Full PDF - ClareVue Lighting Keypad (Scene Controller) Best Practices Tech Bulletin (Doc ID 1682)