ClareVue 5 Button Keypad Button Replacement



The ClareVue 5 Button Keypad’s buttons can be replaced with custom buttons. Follow the instructions below to replace the buttons.

To remove the keypad buttons:

1. Turn the circuit breaker off.

– or –

Remove all power from keypad.

Note: It is recommended to remove the keypad from the wall.

2. Insert the flat end of the tool, included, between the keypad face plate and the top of the first button.


3. Slowly pivot the tool away from you, making sure that the tool is securely under the edge of the button.

The button is released.

4. Remove the button from the faceplate.

5. For each button after the first, insert the tool on the left side to release the button.

6. Repeat steps 3 through 4 for each additional button.



7. Discard original buttons, springs, and light pipe.

To replace the keypad buttons:

Note: Each button has a number engraved on the back side, this is the number position of the buttons on the keypad. The keys must be replaced consecutively, start with button 1.


1. Place one of the provided springs on the back of each replacement button.

2. Insert the button, starting with the top button (labeled 1).

3. Press and hold the right side of the button, and then press the left side of the button until it snaps into place.

There is an audible click when it is secured.


4. Press the button down and verify that it returns to its original position.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each successive button.

6. Verify that each button works correctly.

Warranty information

Clare Controls offers a two (2) year limited warranty on original Clare Controls components, from the date of shipment from Clare Controls. To view complete limited warranty details, including limitations and exclusions,


Full PDF - ClareVue 5 Button Keypad Button Replacement (DOC ID 1280)