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ClareVision Video Plus FAQs

Can a dealer create a customer ClareVision Video Plus Account?

No. When installing the Clare Video Doorbell (and cameras in general), the homeowner must setup their ClareVision Video Plus account. Once the account is setup the homeowner can access and configure their device as desired. The dealer/installer should never create a Clare Controls ClareVision Video Plus account, this helps protect the homeowner’s privacy.


Why doesn't my ClareVision Video Plus camera have a thumbnail in the ClareVision Plus App?

When working with ClareVision Video Plus cameras and NVRs, please note that they interact uniquely with the ClareVision Plus App. Not all ClareVision Plus products display a thumbnail in the App.

No thumbnail:

  • Clare Video Doorbell (thumbnail coming soon)
  • 4 through 8-Channel NVRs


  • 16 through 64-Channel NVRs
  • All cameras (except the Clare Video Doorbell)