ClareVideo Doorbell v2

Legacy ClareVision Plus Camera and Doorbell Crestron Module Release Notes


The Crestron Module is a downloadable add-on that allows the user to integrate ClareVision Plus cameras and the ClareVision Plus Doorbell camera into a Crestron project. The module enables video streaming to any touch-screen interface in the Crestron project.


  • This integration supports live stream, button press, and motion sense.
  • The doorbell does not support mjpeg.
  • This add-on works with the Clare Video Doorbell (CVP-B2DB50-ODIW), Crestron Touch Panels TSW-**52, TSW-**60, and the Crestron App.

Connecting to ClareVision Plus

Making the ClareVison Plus cameras compatible with Crestron is simple and provides the user convenient access to their ClareVision Plus cameras.

To connect the ClareVision Plus camera to the Crestron module:

1. Add an instance of the “ClareVision Camera v1.0” module.

Note: One “ClareVision Camera v1.0” module is needed for each ClareVision Plus camera added to the Crestron system.

2. Each module is pre-populated. Configure each instance with its own parameters.

IP: The IP of the camera.

Note: There is not a way to set a static IP address for the ClareVision Plus Doorbell Camera. We recommend using a DHCP reservation.

Port: The camera’s default port.

Note: If the camera’s port settings have been changed, the default will not work.

Username and Password: The username and password associated with the camera. The default username is clareadmin and the password is set during initial camera creation.

Stream ID: Select the stream used by the camera in this drop-down field (Sub Stream or Main Stream).

Note: The Main Stream has a higher resolution. Either stream can be used if it has been modified to support Crestron touch panels.

ClareVision Doorbell v1

3. Pulse the DEVICE_INFO_POLL once on startup. After it is pulsed, the string saves for recall/use from any touch panel interface.

4. Use the DEVICE_RTSP_URL$ output directly with the touch panel (if using only one camera) or buffered when using multiple cameras and panels (see demo).

Note: This string is only populated after the system has verified that device connected is our doorbell.

5. Doorbell_Pressed and Motion Sensed pulse when the device senses motion or the doorbell button in pressed.

Note: For Doorbell_Pressed abd Motion Sensed to function, the system must maintain connection to the doorbell.

6. Use the DEVICE_IP$ output for display purposes.

Note: If it is not needed, comment it out (//).

7. The following fields are populated using information pulled from the connected device and are used for troubleshooting and display: DEVICE_NAME$, DEVICE_MODEL$, DEVICE_SERIAL_NUMBER$, DEVICE_MAC$, DEVICE FIRMWARE$, and DEVICE_FIRMWARE_DATE$

8. To poll the device for information and verify the doorbell model, connect it to a TCP/IP client using port 80 and the IP of the device. You are provided with the following: DEVICE_CONNNECTED_FB, DEVICE_STATUS, DEVICE_RX$, DEVICE_CONNECT, and DEVICE_TX$.

Table 1: Reference image for the demo touch panel

Image 004

Using events with Crestron

Events allow the user to create actions in response to the doorbell ringing or motion detection.

Note: Alarm Notifications must be enabled in the ClareVision Plus App for Events to function properly.

To enable Alarm Notifications in ClareVision Plus:

Note: New video doorbell firmware has Alarm Notifications enabled by default. Verify that you have the newest firmware and that the notifications are enabled.

1. Access the ClareVision Plus App.

2. Tap on the desired camera’s name.

Image 003

3. Tap Alarm Notifications.

Image 005

Note: Alarm notifications are automatically enabled. If they are not enabled, tap to enable them. This is required for Crestron to receive motion events.

Full PDF - ClareVision Plus Camera and Doorbell Crestron Module Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1690)