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ClareVision Plus 1 MP Indoor Wi-Fi Cube Camera Firmware v5.4.5 Build 170807 Release Notes


The ClareVision Plus (CVP) 1 MP Indoor Wi-Fi Cube Camera with IR (CVP-B1C50-IDIW) v5.4.5 firmware build 170807 update contains fixes for SD card overwrite abilities, MAC address correction, and password strengthening.

Note: Each camera must be updated individually.

Updating the firmware

The new camera firmware is found on the Clare Controls website product page. You must download and extract the firmware before you can continue.

To download the new firmware:

1. Browse to the correct Clare Controls product page, and then scroll down until you see the Resources sub-tab.


2. Click the Resources sub-tab, scroll to Downloads, and then click the firmware link.

The firmware begins to download.

3. Once the firmware is downloaded, extract the information to the desired location in your computer.

To update the firmware using the camera’s web UI:

1. Using your computer, connect to the same network as the camera.

2. Browse to the camera’s IP address, and then login using the camera’s credentials.

3. Browse to Maintenance.

Configuration > System > Maintenance > Upgrade & Maintenance


4. Under the Upgrade heading, click Browse. Select the previously extracted firmware.

5. Click Upgrade, and confirm the upgrade.


  • The upgrade reboots the camera.
  • The upgrade assigns the camera a new IP address.

MAC address update

The firmware updates the camera’s MAC address. All camera’s MAC addresses now accurately match the MAC listed on the camera’s label. Once the firmware is updated, the camera is assigned a new IP address. Find the new IP address using the SADP software tool on your computer, or the built in ClareVision Plus App’s Online Devices list.

To find the IP address using the SADP tool:

1. Download the SADP tool.

2. Launch SAPD and complete the wizard.

3. Locate the Camera in the list, and then copy the new IP address.

To find the IP address using the Online Devices list:

1. Access the ClareVision Plus App.

2. Tap the Plus icon in the top-right, and then tap Online Devices.


3. A list of all online devices displays.

Note the camera’s new IP address.


Password strengthening and verification code

The firmware update requires the user set a new strong password and verify the camera. This change maintains the user’s privacy.

Note: The password can no longer be secure7.

To change the password:

1. Using your computer, connect to the same network at the camera.

2. Browse to the camera’s IP address.

You are prompted to change the password.


3. Enter a new password, confirm the password, and then click OK.

4. Create a new verification code.

Note: This update renders the verification code on the camera’s label unusable. You must activate the Cloud service and create a new verification code. The same code on the label can be used for user ease.

To create a verification code:

1. Browse to Platform Access.

Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Platform Access

Note: The camera’s status is offline.


2. Click the Enable checkbox.

A Verification dialog displays.


3. Enter the desired verification code, confirm the code, and then click OK.

4. Click Save.

Note: If you do not click Save, the code is not saved.

5. Refresh the page and the camera now displays an online status.

SD card overwriting

When using the previous firmware, the SD card’s default was set to not overwrite recorded information. This results in the camera being unable to record new footage when the SD card is full. The user was able to access their camera and change the default setting.

The firmware update changes this behavior. The new default setting for the SD card overwrites old recordings when full to keep recording. This allows the user security in knowing that their camera is always able to record.

Note: You can select to overwrite or default the camera’s settings for this update to correct the SD card defaults. We recommend using the overwrite option. If using the default option, the camera’s Wi-Fi will need to be reconfigured.

To overwrite the camera:

1. Connect to the camera’s network, and then browse to the camera’s IP address in your web browser.

Note: We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

2. Access the camera using the set credentials.

3. Browse to Record Schedule.

Configuration > Storage > Schedule Settings > Record Schedule


4. Click Advanced.

The Advanced dialog displays.


5. Select the Overwrite checkbox, and then click OK.

The Advanced dialog disappears.

6. Click Save.

Note: If you do not click Save, the changes do not take effect.

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Full PDF - ClareVision Plus 1 MP Indoor Wi-Fi Cube Camera Firmware v5.4.5 Build 170807 Release Notes (DOC ID 1725)