ClareVision Camera, Mounting Bracket, and Junction Box Templates

Below you will find downloadable .pdf templates for ClareVision cameras, mounting brackets, and junction boxes, as well as their measurements.

Fixed Lens Cameras:

ClareVision Fixed Lens Turret Cameras

ClareVision Fixed Lens Dome Cameras

ClareVision Fixed Lens Bullet Cameras

Varifocal Lens Cameras:

ClareVision Varifocal Turret Cameras

ClareVision Varifocal Dome Cameras

ClareVision Varifocal Bullet Cameras

WiFi Cameras:

ClareVision WiFi Turret: CLR-V100-4T36WF-W

ClareVision WiFi Bullet: CLR-V100-4B36WF-W

Specialty Cameras:

ClareVision Fisheye Camera: CLR-V200-4FEWFW

Mounting Brackets:

CLR-VACC-WBKT1(W/B) (Coming Soon)



Junction Boxes:



CLR-VACC-JBOX3(W/B) (Coming Soon)

Last Updated: 04/25/2022