ClareVision Camera and NVR SDDP Support Chart

Below you can find a list of all ClareVision cameras and NVRs that currently support SDDP for use with Control4 systems.


Device Supports SDDP
CLR-V100-2T36(W/B) No
CLR-V100-2B36(W/B) No
CLR-V100-4T36(W/B) No
CLR-V100-4B36(W/B) No
CLR-V100-4T36WF-W Not Available Today - TBD
CLR-V100-4B36WF-W Not Available Today - TBD
CLR-V200-4T28(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-8T28(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-4TVF(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-8TVF(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-4B28(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-8B28(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-4BVF(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-8BVF(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-4D28(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-8D28(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-4DVF(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-8DVF(W/B) Yes
CLR-V300-4T28CN(W/B) Yes
CLR-V300-8T28CN(W/B) Yes
CLR-V300-8TVFCN(W/B) Yes
CLR-V300-4B28CN(W/B) Yes
CLR-V300-8B28CN(W/B) Yes
CLR-V300-8BVFCN(W/B) Yes
CLR-V200-4PNVR1 Yes
CLR-V200-8PNVR2 Yes
CLR-V200-16PNVR4 Yes



Last Updated: 01/09/2023