ClareVision August App Update: Now Released

There was a new ClareVision App update released that introduced several new features, bug fixes, and stability improvements, and enhances the user experience. Following this app release, we will be releasing new firmware for NVRs and Cameras which will introduce several of the most requested features we have received. Please stay tuned for more info the coming days.


IMPORTANT: This ClareVision App update is required in advance of upcoming encryption changes to the NVR and cameras. Future firmware will require users to use the latest version of the ClareVision App.

What's New:


Improved Encryption:

We will be introducing improved encryption capabilities for an upcoming NVR and camera update. The new app update is the first step and is required for to support the new encryption. Please stay tuned for additional announcements regarding the NVR and camera updates.

Improved Push Notifications: 

  • The camera name is displayed in line with a push notification. Cameras connected to an NVR will also properly display their channel name from the NVR.
  • Push notifications will now take users directly to the Live View of the camera instead of a playback event. This will allow users to quickly view their camera feed in the moment instead of having to load in a playback. Users will still be able to access playback video from the Live View menu.

NVR Setup Step:

Added "Add NVR from Remote Network" button on the NVR setup screen to allow the user to add an NVR through a remote connection.

NVR Channel Re-Organizations:

Users will now be able to re-organize the camera view order of their NVR to fit their needs.

Password Enhancements:

We have enabled special characters which can now be used as part of a camera or NVR password. Changing the device password will be made a requirement as part of the device setup process.

Video Playback Enhancements:

  • The camera name will now be displayed when accessing the playback screen after clicking a push notification. This will allow users to easily identify the camera they are looking at.
  •  The event playback screen will display a video scrubber when viewing a playback in landscape mode on a mobile device. This will allow users to keep the video feed in full screen, and be able to cycle through the event timeline.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes:

In addition to the above features, we are releasing several bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance the end user experience. For a full breakdown of this list, please view the chart below.


Coming Soon:

We have several major new features and improvements which will be coming in the following days after this release for ClareVision cameras and NVRs which help to improve dealer experience when setting and managing cameras, as well as several changes to compliment the end users experience. Please stay tuned to additional announcements regarding this release.


Resolved Issues and Engineering Notes





Password not working when the default password was enabled.


Fixed the force password change.



Some users were taken to channel 1 of an NVR regardless of the channel that created the push notification.


Users will now be taken to the correct channel when they click on a push notification.



Turning posh notifications On/Off sometimes didn't take effect.


Push notification reliability has been improved for On/Off setting selection.



Notifications being received for deleted cameras.


This has been resolved.



OTA update improvements


OTA updates have been improved for iOS devices when selected.