ClareVideo Doorbell v2

Clare Video Doorbell Troubleshooting Power Issues Tech Bulletin


We have had several reports of ClareVideo Doorbell’s having power issues in the field. The Clare Video Doorbell requires a minimum of 15.5VAC @7Watts for operation.


The ClareVideo Doorbell is not receiving the correct amount of power. If you experience the below symptoms, check the voltage.

Low power symptoms

  • Regularly losing connection to your Wi-Fi network
  • Regularly rebooting
  • Losing access to the camera in the app
  • Incorrect or no ringing of the mechanical doorbell
  • Receiving motion events with no access to the recorded video

Note: Some of the above symptoms can also be caused by other device issues, such as network performance or misconfiguration in the ClareVision Plus App (user is logged out, deleted device, App communication problem). See the complete LED status chart below.

Troubleshooting table 1

checking doorbell power


If the ClareVideo Doorbell is not in the 15.5VAC to 28VAC range, check the transformer and wires. The transformer may be weak/damaged, or there may be resistance on the wires caused by wire damage. age, or length.

We recommend replacing the transformer and wiring to your ClareVideo Doorbell.

Note: Replacing the transformer requires the user of a licensed electrician. The electrician can help further troubleshoot electrical and power issues.

If you are still experiencing ClareVideo Doorbell issues, see the Clare Controls Knowledge Base or contact a ClareCare representative.

Full PDF - ClareVideo Doorbell Troubleshooting Power Issues (DOC ID 1713)