ClareVideo Doorbell v2

Clare Video Doorbell FAQs

What happens to my doorbell when the power goes out?

The doorbell rings when the power goes out and comes back on.

Does the doorbell require a password? If so, what is it?

Yes. The doorbell requires a password to be created for activation. When the doorbell camera is used with ClareHome and is connected to the network, the doorbell password is defaulted to Secure7519. The user gets an error when trying to activate with a password, as it has already been activated by ClareHome. The user must close the error and then proceed using the ClareVision Plus App. The home owner/dealer can change the password from the camera's web UI and in fusion.


Does it matter what network I am connected to when adding the doorbell camera?

Yes. The doorbell camera and the CLIQ controller must be on the same network for the camera to auto-discover.


Can I modify the username and password for my camera?

Yes. To change the username and password of the doorbell camera you must use the camera's web UI. To access the web UI, login in with the default username (clareadmin) and password (sercure7, or auto-discovered with ClareHome, Secure7519).

This feature is being incorporated into the App and will be available in future versions.


How can I adjust the motion detection on the doorbell camera?

You must access the camera's web UI. To access the web UI, login in with the default username (clareadmin) and password (sercure7, or auto-discovered with ClareHome, Secure7519).


Does the doorbell camera work with NVRs?

Yes! The doorbell camera works with all ClareVision Plus and Legacy ClareVision NVRs. See Using a ClareVideo Doorbell with a ClareVision Plus or Legacy NVR (DOC ID 1598).

The doorbell camera supports ONVIF and should work with 3rd party NVRS as well.


Are snapshots supported?

Currently snapshots are not supported in ClareHome.

Snapshots in ClareVision Plus are supported.

The snapshot in the ClareVision Plus App is a snapshot from the last time you opened the selected stream, it is not from the last time you open the App. Therefore, when you launch the App for the first time, there is no snapshot on the camera.


What chimes work with my doorbell?

The doorbell works with most mechanical doorbell chimes and 16-24VAC transformers.


What is the doorbells voltage?

The Clare Video doorbell's voltage information is as follows:

  • The doorbells operating voltage range is 15.5VAC to 28.5VAC
  • The doorbell max draw is 12 watts (.7 amps at 15.5VAC)


Can the doorbell camera get wet?

The doorbell is IP54 rated for direct rain water. It is not recommended to pressure wash the doorbell camera.


What can I do about hiding wires or preventing IR flashback?

We are adding a small spacer and wedge to the doorbell packaging at no additional cost in early Q3.

The spacer allows easy extension of the existing wiring and hiding the 2 provided connectors.

The wedge allows the doorbell to mounted at a slight angle to prevent IR flashback if it is installed directly next a wall or protruding door trim.

With the wedge and spacer, the doorbell can be mounted using the existing holes from a traditional doorbell button.


Can I view my doorbell camera on multiple devices?

In order to share a doorbell camera with multiple mobile devices, they must all be logged into the same ClareVision Plus account. You are unable to add a doorbell to multiple user accounts for security reasons.


How do I know if I need to update my camera firmware?

If the camera firmware needs to be updated, there is a blue dot next to the App icon. Once the App is open, the camera that needs to be updated will have a blue dot next to its name. Follow the prompts in the App to update.

If there is not blue dot, the device is up to date.

Note: This blue dot signifies that attention is needed. Follow the blue dots as they appear to get to the issue.


The doorbell did not connect, what should I do?

If the doorbell does not connect, please check each of the following items.

  • Read and understand Clare Video Doorbell - Before You Begin.
  • Make sure the SSID your phone is connected to is a 2.4GHz network
  • Verify your Wi-Fi password
  • Verify your signal strength at the doorway-door shut using WiFi Analyzer (Android), RF Monitor (iOS), or Acrylic WiFi
  • Verify there are no advanced port blocking rules in place on port 8555
  • If the LED is flashing Blue/Red, press and hold the Mode button until the CVD enters pairing mode


What does it mean when I press the doorbell button, and then the device reboots?

The symptom is predictable - when you press the video doorbell button, the device reboots. This is a sign of low power.

Remove the doorbell, and then measure the voltage at the doorbell location. If that voltage is under 15VAC, replace the transformer.


What do I do when the doorbell does not scan the QR code on the phone?

When the doorbell camera does not scan the QR code displayed on a users smart phone, try the following steps.

1. Take a screen shot of the QR code.

Note: Commonly a screenshot it taken by holding the power and home buttons down at the same time, but this varies per smart device. See your phone's manual on the exact steps.

2. Brows to the phone's gallery, and then tap on the QR code screenshot.

3. Zoom in on the QR code, and then hold the phone up to the doorbell camera.

4. The doorbell camera now scans the QR code.


When a screenshot is not possible use this alternate solution.

1. Access the phone's display settings, looking for the option for screen zoom and font.

2. Note: This varies per smart device, see your device's documentation.

3. Select the highest zoom setting.

4. Re-scan the QR code.


I'm lost! How do I start over?

If you are not sure where you are in the adding process, look at the LED status on the doorbell.

  • If the LED is Blue, the doorbell is configured or booting.

The best option is a factory reset. Push and hold the Mode button until the doorbell announces that it is rebooting the device. Once the CVD starts rebooting, delete the CVD from the App, and then start over

  • If the LED is flashing Blue/Red, it is not configured, or the device is in pairing mode.

Make sure the CVD is NOT in the App, if it is, delete it. Press and hold the Mode button until it announces it is in pairing mode/can be configured.