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ClareOne Wired Siren Integration Notes


The ClareOne Panel has a 2 pin terminal connector to attach an external wired siren. The connector is labeled as “SIREN” and uses a 2-screw terminal. The siren output acts as a simple contact closure. The wired siren and its power supply must be connected as detailed in this document.

Note: Use Class B wiring for all connections.

Supported sirens

The ClareOne Panel can support any wired siren that only requires a contact closure for activation. Clare Controls has tested and approved the following sirens.

  • Honeywell WAVE2 Two-Tone Siren
  • XINFLY ES-626

Wiring the siren

Only experienced security technicians should install a wired siren. If inexperienced with wiring or security features, do not attempt to connect the panel.

WARNING: Improper wiring may cause damage or failure of any/all devices.

To wire the siren:

Note: Use Class B wiring for all connections.

  1. Remove the backplate form the ClareOne panel and open the siren to have access to their wiring terminals.
  2. Connect the negative connection of the DC supply to the panel’s SIREN port, shown as (4) in Figures 1 and 3.
  3. Connect the siren’s negative connection to the panel’s other terminal pin, shown as (5) in Figures 1 and 3.
  4. Connect the siren’s positive connection to the positive connection on the DC power supply, shown as (6) in Figures 1 and 3.

Figure 1: Wiring with Honeywell WAVE2 siren

wiring the siren 2

(1) ClareOne Panel

(2) Honeywell WAVE2 siren

(3) DC Power supply


(4) Negative connection of DC power supply

(5) Siren’s negative connection

(6) Siren’s positive connection


Figure 2: Details of Honeywell WAVE2 siren

siren 2 - internal

Figure 3: Wiring with XINFLY ES-626 siren

wiring the siren

(1) ClareOne Panel

(2) XINFLY ES-626 siren

(3) DC Power supply


(4) Negative connection of DC power supply

(5) Siren’s negative connection

(6) Siren’s positive connection

Power supply

The ClareOne panel’s included power supply can not power the panel and the siren simultaneously. An additional power supply is needed for an external wired siren. The exact supply requirements are dependent on the selected siren. Both the Honeywell WAVE2 and XINFLY ES-626 work with a CLR-C1-12VA power supply. We recommend placing the power supply close to the siren to help limit the total length of wiring used.

Testing the wired siren

Once the siren is wired to the panel, it works with the ClareOne panel. The panel triggers the wired siren port during an alarm without the need for any software settings. To ensure the siren has been wired properly and is working correctly, run the panel’s siren test.

To test the wired siren:

Note: This test will trigger the panel’s siren. Be prepared for the noise and wear proper ear protection.

  1. Access the ClareOne panel’s Settings page.

  2. Tap User/Installer Settings, and then enter the PIN as prompted.
  3. Tap System Test.

    System Test
  4. Tap Siren Test, and then tap Start.

    Siren test - start
    Note: If the siren does not emit sound, verify that it is wired correctly and is using the suggested power supply.
  5. Tap Stop to silence the siren and complete the test.


Ful PDF - ClareOne Wired Sirens Integration Notes (DOC ID 1936)