ClareOne Panel Hotfix - 07/11/2022

We have released a hotfix update for the ClareOne Panel to resolve a couple issues experienced by some users. The release notes can be found below.

Latest Firmware Versions

Software Version: v2.2.202
Image Version: v2.0.14
ClareHome Version: v9.4.3

Do I need to do anything for this update?

No. Clare will push this update to all ClareOne systems. If a ClareOne Panel was programmed to automatically install available updates, the update will install on its own. If not, users will be prompted to install the update once it is available. 

Sensors Staying in Alarmed State When Disarming with Keyfob:

An issue experienced by some users could display sensors as alarmed if the panel was disarmed using a keyfob. This issue has been resolved.

High Pitched Voice Annunciations:
An audio issue was causing voice annunciations to speed up, producing a 'chipmunk' sound. All chipmunks have been removed and audio issues are resolved.

ClareOne Panel Siren Issue After Running Siren Test:
After installing a ClareOne Panel and running a siren test, the siren would no longer sound unless the panel was rebooted. This issue has been resolved.

Last Updated: 07/11/2022