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ClareOne Panel Bezel Change Product Bulletin


The ClareOne Panel comes with 2 bezels (faceplates) for customization, a black bezel (on the panel by default) and a white bezel. Follow the steps below to easily and safely change the panel’s bezel.

Figure 1: ClareOne Panel bezel

panel bezel

To change the ClareOne Panel’s bezel:

  1. Place the panel in a secure location, and then locate the bottom-left edge of the panel.

    We recommend that the panel is placed on a desk and facing upward for this procedure.
  2. Gently slide a fingernail or plastic spudger in the seam between the panel and the bezel and slowly pry the edge upward.

    There will be several clicks as the edge of the bezel lifts from the panel.

    pry up
  3. Move your fingernail/spudger slowly along the bottom edge of the bezel, prying it upward.

    The bezel’s tabs click as it is removed.

    Note: Do not rush through this process. If the tabs are broken or snap off, the bezel is no longer usable.
  4. Once reaching the opposite corner of the bezel, gently lift the bezel upward and away from the panel.

    remove the bezel

    To attach the other panel bezel:

    1. Align the top edge of the bezel with the panel’s bottom faceplate, sliding the top tabs into place.

      replace bezel
    2. Starting at the desired side, gently press the bezel against the panel, snapping it into place.
    3. Continuing to apply pressure, slowly move to the opposite side of the panel, snapping the bezel into position.
      The bezel is securely attached to the panel. 


    Full PDF - ClareOne Panel Bezel Change Product Bulletin (DOC ID 1956)