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ClareOne: Setup with LTE Only


When a ClareOne panel is installed without a local network connection, either WiFi or Ethernet, the panel’s LTE/cellular can be activated using FusionPro. This document is meant to guide the installer on how to activate the LTE.


  • You will need access to the panel’s UUID, ICCID, and IMEI. This information is found on the panel’s label.
  • This is done before powering on the panel. If the panel is already powered on, reset the panel and then follow the instructions to activate LTE/cellular.

To reset the panel:

    1. Tap Settings, and then tap Installer Settings.
    2. Enter the Installer PIN as prompted, and then tap Panel Reset.
    3. Tap Panel Reset to confirm.
      Allow the panel to restart and begin activating LTE/Cellular.

To activate LTE/cellular on a ClareOne panel:


  • Cellular can only be used with the Interactive Plus LTE service plan.
  • Cellular activation is not instant. It may take a short period of time for the cellular status to update.
  1. Create the customer account in FusionPro.
    To create a customer account: 
    1. Click Add Account on the FusionPro dashboard.

      add account - dashboard
      – Or –
      Click Accounts, and then click Add Accounts.

      accounts list - add account
    2. Enter the customer’s email address, first name, last name, phone number, and (optional) account number, and then click Next.
      Note: The Account Number field is used to associate the customer with the dealer’s customer management system. It is not required.

    3. Enter the customer’s address, and then click Next.
      After entering the street address and ZIP code, the form populates the country and state information.

    4. Confirm that the correct address is displayed in the map and listed beneath the map, and then click Save.
      Note: The address information is pushed to the ClareOne panel when it is online to validate and set the correct time zone.

    5. Enter the controller’s UUID information, by scanning the QR code or by manual entry.
      Scanning the QR code (preferred method): Click the box, and then use your device’s webcam/phone camera to scan the QR code on the ClareOne panel’s label. This auto-populates the UUID, ICCID, and IMEI.
      – Or –
      Manual entry: Using the information on the ClareOne panel’s label, enter the controller’s UUID in the box. Enter the Serial Number, and then click Verify.

    6. Complete the Add New Account wizard.
      The account Summary tab displays.

  2. Click the Service Plans tab. 

  3. Select and configure the Interactive Plus LTE service plan.
    To add a service plan:
    1. Click the Service Plan tab, and then select the Interactive Plus LTE.

      account - service plans - select a plan
    2. Click Continue, and then click Confirm to save the plan.

      Note: Monitoring cannot be activated until the panel is online.
  4. While on the Service Plans tab, click Edit next to the Cellular Account Status.

    The Edit Cellular Services popover displays.

    If the ICCID and IMEI fields are not pre-populated, manually enter the information from the ClareOne panel’s label.

  5. Click Activate.

    A success message displays if the combination was entered correctly. In the event of an error message validate the entries and resubmit.
    • The ClareOne panel status does not display Online in FusionPro until the device is powered on and the LTE/cellular is communicating with the cellular carrier.
    • It may take several minutes for the carrier to activate LTE/cellular. You may check activation status by clicking the LTE/cellular Refresh button. This is showing the activation status of the cellular carrier account only.

      cellular refresh
  6. Power on the ClareOne panel and complete the wizard, skipping WiFi configuration.
  7. Check the panel for updates after completing the wizard.
    To check the panel for Updates:
    1. Access the panel’s user interface, and then tap Settings.
    2. Tap User Settings/Installer Settings, and then enter the Master/Installer PIN as prompted.
    3. Tap Check for Updates.
    4. A prompt appears is there are available updates, tap Update Now.
      Note: Cellular data is typically slower than broadband network connections. As such, an update could take an extended period.
  8. Add devices and zones as desired through the panel user interface.
    – Or –
    Using FusionPro when the panel appears online.


Full PDF - ClareOne LTE Cellular Setup Tech Bulletin (DOC ID 1985)