ClareHome PulseWorx Tech Bulletin


This bulletin is to notify Clare Controls customers of an issue found with PulseWorx PIM-R devices that are integrated into a ClareHome system.


A small number of Clare Controls customers have reported a buzzing sound in the PulseWorx PIM-R devices that were integrated into their ClareHome systems. In addition, the ClareHome UI fails to properly update and display a new state when a light is changed at the switch. Clare Controls has conducted a detailed analysis of the devices and has concluded that:

  • The buzzing occurs when the ClareHome controller polls the PulseWorx devices.
  • The failure to update the UI is a ClareHome software issue.
  • The problem was traced to ClareHome’s handling of network IDs of 128 or greater.


These issues have been corrected and a change to the ClareHome system will be distributed when our internal testing is completed. In the meantime, we recommend a workaround solution to correct this problem.

To correct the problems:

  1. Using PulseWorx’s UPStart Setup Software tool, configure your PulseWorx devices with network IDs that are less than 128.
  2. Open your ClareHome project using Fusion, and then change the network IDs for your PulseWorx devices to match IDs you set using the UPStart tool.
  3. Once you have finished, be sure to save and redeploy your ClareHome project.

Note: For more information about working with PulseWorx devices in Fusion, see PulseWorx Integration Release Notes (Doc ID 312 Rev 02).

Full PDF - ClareHome PulseWorx Tech Bulletin (DOC ID 807)