ClareHome Android - Google and Facebook Sign-in Error Tech Bulletin


When accessing ClareHome on an Android smartphone, the user may experience an error with Facebook sign-in.

When a user has previously accessed ClareHome using their Gmail account through the Google social sign-in method, removes the Gmail account from their phone, and then attempts to access the App through a Facebook social sign-on that is linked to that same Gmail account, they cannot connect to the App. The user must be signed-in to their Gmail account.


Your Facebook is linked to your Gmail account. You used your Gmail account to access the ClareHome App. You remove your Gmail account from the phone, or get a new phone that is set to a secondary/other Gmail account. You launch the ClareHome App, and then click the Facebook sign-in. The sign-in does not work.


The user must close the ClareHome App, sign-in to their Gmail account, and then re-launch the ClareHome App. Once the user is signed-in, they can select the Facebook sign-in when accessing the ClareHome App.

– or –

The user can opt to sign in with their Gmail account.

Full PDF - ClareHome Android - Google and Facebook Sign-in Error (DOC ID 1458)