ClareVideo Doorbell v2

Clare Video Doorbell Working with a MIMO Device Tech Bulletin


The Clare Video Doorbell (CVD) uses multi-cast for the wireless setup process. There is a known issue with MIMO wireless networks and multi-cast. The two are not compatible. This prevents the doorbell from connecting to the home’s network.


To get around the MIMO network communication error, we recommend using a temporary replacement router, or turning your Android smartphone/iOS device into a wireless mobile hotspot.

Option 1 (recommended)

Temporarily replace the home’s MIMO router with a low-end (cheap) wireless router that does not support MIMO.

To use a temporary router:

1. Temporarily disable the home’s wireless network.

2. Connect and configure the non-MIMO router.

Note: When configuring the router, set the SSID, password, and security settings to match the original MIMO router’s settings. If the settings are not identical, the CVD will not connect to the home’s wireless network.

3. Continue CVD configuration and verify that the CVD is online in the ClareVision Plus App.

4. Remove the non-MIMO router, and then restore the home’s wireless network.

5. Confirm the CVD remains online in the ClareVision Plus App.


  • An installation technician should hold onto this router and use it as needed in the future.
  • Verify that the CVD is available in the Clare Vision Plus cloud server before restoring the original network.

Option 2 (requires 2 smart devices)

This option requires the use of 2 smart phones/iOS devices. Use the first device as a wireless hotspot, and then use the secondary device to add and configure the CVD with the ClareVision Plus App.


  • This does affect data usage and may not be an option for all phones.
  • A secondary device is required for App access. The secondary device can be an iPad, the homeowner’s device, or a personal smart phone/device.

To use your mobile device as a wireless hotspot:

1. Select a device to use as the hotspot, and then change its name. See below, “To change the name of an iOS device.”

Note: This step is only required for iOS device’s. An iOS device uses its name for hotspot generation. An Android smartphone’s hotspot is configurable during creation.

2. Create a mobile hotspot for the device. This process is device and model specific, see the manufacturer’s documentation regarding hotspot creation.

3. Access your second device and connect to the mobile hotspot created in step 2.

4. Continue CVD configuration.

5. Once the CVD is fully configured and online in the Clare Vision Plus App, turn your mobile hotspot off.

Note: If you changed the device’s name, change it back to the desired name.

To change the name of an iOS device:

1. Access the device’s settings.


2. Tap About.


3. Tap Name.


4. Rename the phone, and then tap Done.


Full PDF - Clare Video Doorbell Working with a MIMO Device (DOC ID 1609)