ClareVideo Doorbell v2

Clare Video Doorbell v2: Unbinding


If the Clare Video Doorbell (CVD) v2 has been previously added to an account, it must either be removed from the original account or unbound. Unbinding the doorbell removes it from the previous account and enables it to be added to a new account. Use this document as a guide to unbind the CVD v2.


  • Original account information is not required for unbinding the CVD v2.
  • The Clare Video Doorbell v3 does not allow unbinding.
  • The CVD v2s only support a 2.4ghz network.

Adding to CVD to the network

The CVD must be on the same network as the mobile device being used to unbind it.

To add the CVD to the network:

  1. Remove the doorbell cover, and then press and hold the reset button until the doorbell enunciates, “Your device is rebooting.”


    • The Reset button is on the left-side of the doorbell.
    • If the doorbell is already flashing blue/red, the doorbell is already reset.
    • If nothing happens after 1 minute, a power cycle may be required.
  2. Let the doorbell fully reboot. Once it is completed the doorbell enunciates, “The doorbell is running.”
  3. Launch the ClareVision Plus (CVP) app.
  4. Browse to Wi-Fi Settings.
    More > Settings > Wi-Fi Settings

  5. Enter the wireless network’s name and password, and then tap Generate.



    • The phone’s brightness may need to be adjusted for the CVD to scan it properly.
    • Tap the QR to enlarge it.
  6. Place the QR code in-front of the doorbell until the doorbell beeps once.
    Once the doorbell enunciates “The server has been registered.”
  7. Return to the CVP app, and then tap I have scanned.

    I have scanned
  8. Continue to Activate the doorbell.

    Activating the doorbell

    Once the CVD is on the same network as the mobile device being used, it can be activated. This is required for assigning the doorbell a password, required for unbinding the CVD.

    Note: If there is a CLIQ controller on the network, the doorbell may get automatically activated. In this case the password is set as Secure7519. This is verified by checking the doorbell’s status, if it says active it has been automatically activated. The activation steps may be skipped, go directly to unbinding.

    To activate the doorbell:

    1. Tap the Plus button on the menu, and then tap Online Device.

      A list of online devices display.
      Note: The doorbell’s status is inactive.

    2. Tap the doorbell, and then tap Activate.

    3. Enter the desired password, confirm the password, and then tap Confirm.

      Unbinding the doorbell

      After activating the doorbell, it can be unbinded. Unbinding the doorbell removes it from the previous account and allows it to be added to a new account.

      To unbind the doorbell:

      1. View the home screen, tap the Plus icon, and then tap Scan QR Code.

      2. Scan the doorbell’s QR code.
        The app displays a page saying that the device is already on another account.
      3. Tap Unbind Device.

      4. Enter the password created when activating the doorbell, enter the captcha code, and then tap Finish.
        Note: If the User Name is not clareadmin, the app should be updated. Once updated, continue with the unbinding process.

        The device is now unbound.

      5. Add the doorbell normally.


        Full PDF: Clare Video Doorbell v2 Unbinding Technical Bulletin (DOC ID 1951)