Clare Video Doorbell Quick Start Guide


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This document is intended as a quick-start guide, not a full product guide. For more information, view the full ClareVision Plus Camera User Guide (DOC ID 1430 Rev 02).

Figure 1: Clare Video Doorbell

Clare Video Doorbell


The below items are included with the Clare Video Doorbell.


Clare Video Doorbell power requirements

The Clare Video Doorbell only works with mechanical doorbells that use 16-24VAC power.

Note: To learn your current doorbell’s voltage, consult the original doorbell packaging or a licensed electrician.

Mechanical versus digital doorbells

Listen to the tone the doorbell makes when ringing it, the tone determines if your doorbell mechanical or digital. If it makes the standard ding-dong sound, it is most likely a mechanical doorbell. If your doorbell plays a different tone or melody, it’s most likely a digital doorbell. Digital doorbells are not currently supported.

Figure 2: Mechanical versus digital doorbell

mechanical and digital

Wi-Fi signal strength requirements

The Clare Video Doorbell must be connected to a 2.4GHz network and requires a minimum -60dBm Wi-Fi signal strength at the installation location.

We recommend downloading a Wi-Fi analysis tool for your phone or tablet to check signal strength. Stand at the doorbell installation location and test the Wi-Fi strength. If a -60dBM signal or better is not achievable, we recommend installation of a Wi-Fi range extender or Wireless Access Point (WAP) to ensure proper video and audio streaming.

For a list of recommended Wi-Fi signal strength apps and tools, see Clare Video Doorbell: Wi-Fi Signal Strength Apps and Tools Tech Bulletin (DOC ID 1608).


Before starting installation, make sure to shut off the doorbell’s power supply at the breaker panel.

To install the Clare Video Doorbell:

1. Remove the existing doorbell and disconnect the wires connected to the screws on the back.

2. Remove the Clare Video Doorbell’s faceplate by firmly holding the doorbell and gently pressing down on the doorbell button and edge of the camera lens bare.

remove faceplate

3. Mount the supplied spacer or wedge plate to the doorbell location using the supplied wedge/space screws.

Note: The angled wedge plate can be used to change the viewing angle of the doorbell.

Make sure to pull the doorbell wires through the center of the wedge plate/spacer.

diagram 3

4. Connect the existing doorbell wires to the leads on the back panel of the doorbell.

diagram 4

If the existing wiring is not long enough, follow the instructions below to extend the wiring.

a. Insert the wires into the provided connectors.

diagram 5


b. Use pliers to snap the button into place.


· Do not strip the wires, the connectors pierce the insulation.

· The 2 wires used to power the doorbell can be connected to either terminal.

5. Install the doorbell using the supplied mounting screws.

diagam 6

6. Restore power at the breaker, and then follow the instructions to setup the doorbell in the ClareVision Plus app.

(Optional) Installing the resistor and power booster

The resistor can be installed when using a mechanical chime to eliminate potential doorbell buzzing, and the power booster improves doorbell sound.

To install the resistor:

1. Wrap the ends of the supplied resistor around the terminals on the doorbell.

2. Verify proper installation by ringing the doorbell.

Note: Connecting the resistor in the wrong direction does not harm either device, but results in the doorbell not ringing correctly. To correct this mistake, reverse the direction of the resistor.

Figure 3: Resistor installation


To install the supplied power booster:

1. Using a small flat head screwdriver, loosen the set screws on the supplied screw terminal.

2. Connect end C of the black and red wires to the screw terminal, then connect end A of each wire to the provided power booster then re-tighten set screws on the screw terminal.

chime 1

3. Remove the cover from your mechanical chime and then connect end B of the Red wire to the TRANS terminal and end B of the Black wire to the FRONT terminal on the mechanical chime.

chime 2

4. Remove the paper backing and adhere the power booster and screw terminal to the mechanical chime. Replace the cover on the mechanical chime.

chime 3

Creating a ClareVision Plus account

To access live doorbell video and recorded footage from anywhere in the world, you must first setup a ClareVision Plus account.

To setup the ClareVision Plus account using an iOS device:

1. Download and install the ClareVision Plus app.

ClareVision Plus for Android – Google Play

ClareVision Plus for iOS - iTunes

2. Launch the app, and then tap My Devices (cloud icon).

3. Tap Login.

4. Enter the homeowner’s credentials.

– or –

Tap Register. Follow the registration steps below.

Note: The ClareVision Plus account used must be that of the homeowner.

a. Tap Mobile or Email (preferred), and then read and select the checkbox for the Terms of Service.

b. Select the country, and then tap Finish in the top-right.

email and mobile options

c. Enter your preferred username and password, confirm the password, and then tap Finish.

Note: the username cannot contain spaces.

To setup the ClareVision Plus account using an Android device:

1. Download and install the ClareVision Plus app.

ClareVision Plus for Android – Google Play

ClareVision Plus for iOS - iTunes

2. Launch the app, select your country/region, and then tap the Checkmark icon in the top-right corner.

select country

3. Tap Login, and then tap Register.

Follow the registration steps below.

tap register

Note: The ClareVision Plus account used must be that of the homeowner.

a. Read the Privacy Policy, and then tap Agree.

b. The Mobile Phone Number option is selected by default. Enter the mobile device’s number.

enter mobile number

– or –

Tap Register by Email Address at the bottom of the screen, and then enter your email address.

enter email address

c. Tap Get Verification Code.

A verification code is sent to the email/phone.

d. Check the SMS or email message for the verification code, copy the code, and then return to the ClareVision Plus app.

e. Enter the verification code into the field, and then tap Next.

f. Enter your preferred username and password, confirm the password, and then tap Finish.

4. Tap Login, and then enter your set credentials.

Note: Android users with a device that supports fingerprint authentication are presented with a fingerprint authentication pop-up. If desired enable the fingerprint usage.

a. Tap Settings.

The CVP Account Management settings display.

account management 1


b. Tap the Fingerprint Authentication slider to enable the feature.

enabled fingerprint

c. Follow the displayed instructions, pressing the desired finger over the fingerprint reader on the mobile device.

Note: Once finished, Fingerprint Authentication is required to access the app.

5. Add your doorbell.

Setting up the doorbell in the ClareVision Plus app

Once the camera is installed, follow the steps below to complete doorbell setup and final installation.

To setup the doorbell in the ClareVision Plus app:

1. Once the LED on the front of the doorbell is solid red, configure the camera. For troubleshooting and LED status see Troubleshooting and light status below.

2. Tap the Cloud icon in the bottom menu, and then tap the Plus icon in the top-right corner to add the doorbell.

3. Scan the QR code, and then select Video Doorbell from the menu screen.

Note: Ensure that your mobile device is connected to a 2.4 GHz network.

4. Tap the Connect to a Network button. Ensure that the encryption listed is WPA/WPA2, enter the password for your Wi-Fi network, and tap Generate.

5. Tap on the generated QR code to enlarge it, and then hold your mobile device 4-6 inches from the lens of the doorbell.

scan 1

The doorbell beeps when it recognizes the QR code. Once connected to the Wi-Fi network the camera says, “The Wi-Fi is connected”.

Note: If the doorbell says, “The Wi-Fi is not connected,” tap back and re-enter the Wi-Fi password to try again.

6. Enter a password for the doorbell and tap Activate.

7. Once activation is completed, tap the check mark icon in the top-right corner to complete the setup process.

You can now view live and recorded footage from your new Clare Video Doorbell. Finish installation.

To install complete final installation:

1. Place the doorbell faceplate on the device, and then gently press the faceplate into place.

2. Install the security screws, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom.

security screw 1

Understanding the ClareVision Plus app icons

The below icon guide helps navigate and configure settings in the ClareVision Plus app.

table 1

Configuring the motion detection area

By default, the Clare Video Doorbell is set to record the full field-of-view of the camera. Some objects may trigger an undesired amount of notifications. Follow the below steps to adjust the motion detection area of the doorbell.

motion detection

Only receive notifications if an object enters the view of the camera that is highlighted. Adjust the motion detection area by selecting desired grey boxes.

To configure the motion detection area:

1. View the doorbell’s live view, and then tap in the top-right corner.

2. Tap the Settings icon.

3. Select Alarm Notifications and verify that they are enabled.

4. Tap Draw Motion Detection Area, and then tap the Edit icon.

5. Select desired motion area.

6. Tap the Save icon to save your changes.

Motion detection sensitivity

You can adjust how sensitive the doorbell detect motion by changing the sensitivity settings under the Alarm Notifications meu.

table 2

To adjust the motion detection sensitivity:

1. View the doorbell’s live view, and then tap the 3 dots in the top-left corner.

2. Tap the Settings icon.

3. Tap Alarm Notifications to verify that they are enabled.

4. Tap Motion Detection Sensitivity.

5. Select the desired sensitivity level.

Note: Alarm notifications must be enabled to edit the motion detection sensitivity.

Troubleshooting and light status

Use the information below to troubleshoot the Clare Video Doorbell.

To factory reset the doorbell:

1. Press and hold the Mode button for 15 seconds, or until the device says, “Your device is rebooting”.

This factory resets the Clare Video Doorbell.

Note: You can only factory reset the doorbell after it has been connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Updating Doorbell Firmware

If new firmware is available, the camera that needs to be updated will have a blue dot appear next to the name of the device. Follow the blue dot in the app until you are given the option to update the firmware.

Light status

The LED on the doorbell displays differently based on the device’s state.

table 3

Wi-Fi issues

If the doorbell drops Wi-Fi, verify the Wi-Fi signal strength. See, “Wi-Fi signal strength requirements” above.

Chime related issues

If your doorbell chime is constantly ringing, verify that the supplied power voltage is a constant 16VAC or higher.

If your doorbell chime is buzzing, install the provided resistor across chime terminals. See, “(Optional) Installing the resistor and power booster".

If your doorbell chime is not sounding, or only making a “ding” sound instead of the complete “ding-dong” sound, then the supplied power booster is required. Follow the steps below. See, “(Optional) Installing the resistor and power booster”.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the operating Voltage of the doorbell?

A: The doorbell has an operating voltage range of 15.5VAC to 28.5VAC and has a max power draw of 12 watts (.7 amps at 15.5VAC).

Q: How do I increase the volume of the microphone and speaker?

A: You can adjust these settings under the device settings in the App under loudspeaker volume and microphone volume.

Q: Can I view my doorbell camera on multiple devices?

A: In order to share a doorbell camera with multiple mobile devices, all users must all be logged into the same ClareVision Plus account. You can have up to 8 devices viewing the camera simultaneously.

Q: Can the doorbell camera get wet?

A: The ClareVideo Doorbell is IP54 rated for direct rain and water. It is not recommended to pressure wash the doorbell.

Warranty Information

Clare Controls offers a two (2) year limited warranty on original Clare Controls components, from the date of shipment form Clare Controls. To view complete limited warranty details, including limitations and exclusions, see


Full PDF - Clare Video Doorbell Quick Start Guide (DOC ID 1563)