ClareVideo Doorbell v2

Clare Video Doorbell Firmware v2.1.0 Build 180802 Release Note


The Clare Video Doorbell (CVD) v2.1.0 firmware build 180802 contains several feature improvements and bug resolutions.

Improved features:

  • Removed the doorbell’s audio response when the call is unanswered. The doorbell no longer says; “Caller is unavailable.”
  • The CVD’s time is automatically set when it is registered in the cloud.
  • Optimized stability of motion detection when in IR mode.
  • Doorbell is now auto-discoverable on NVRs, supporting live view, record, and playback.

Resolved issues

The following issues and bugs are resolved with the v2.1.0 firmware release.

General resolved issues:

  • Audio digital noise is reduced and has clearer sound and voice pronunciation.
  • Video recordings now include audio on all supported phone models.

resolved issues

Full PDF - Clare Video Doorbell Firmware v2.1.0 Build 180802 (DOC ID 1791)