Clare Essentials Training Courses

Here's everything you need to know about Clare Training!

Clare Controls wants homeowners and users of the Clare Controls system to be happy with their products. To ensure that this happens all Clare Controls dealers and purchasers are required to take courses on the supported products and connections in the Clare Controls system.

Current Clare Controls curriculum

  • CE101 - Clare Intro
  • CE102 - Clare Basics
  • CE103 - Simplified Programming
  • CE104 - Wireless Audio
  • CE105 - ClareVision Plus
  • CE106 - Z-Wave Concepts
  • CE107 - Access and Z-Wave Sensors
  • CE108 - ClareVue Lighting
  • CE109 - Climate
  • CE110 - Applications Go Live!
  • CE111 Resolution Helix Security
  • CE201 Intro To Fusion
  • Clare Controls Support Information
  • Clare Essentials Final Exam

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