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Clare Essentials Certification Training Courses: Clare Platform as a Whole

Here's everything you need to know about Clare Training and where to start it!

Clare wants homeowners and users of the Clare system to be happy with their products. To ensure that this happens all Clare dealers and purchasers are required to take courses on the supported products and connections in the Clare system.

Current Clare Controls curriculum

  • CO101 - ClareOne Intro
  • CO102 - Clare Controls Programs
  • CO103 - First Install Part 1: Intro to FusionPro
  • CO104 - First Install Part 2: Add Customer Accounts and Security Plans
  • CO105 - First Install Part 3: Adding Devices and Customer Onboarding
  • CO106 - Unboxing the ClareOne Panel
  • CO107 - ClareOne Panel Settings
  • CO108 - ClareOne User Interface
  • CO109 - ClareOne Quiz

Start your training HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have an authorized Snap One dealer account to access the Snap One Education Courses.