Clare Controllers FAQs

How many CLIQs can be used together?

Up to 3 CLIQ.connect I/O modules can be added to the or CLIQ.lite controller.

What are connected devices and why do I need them?

Connect Devices, or interface devices, allow the CLIQ controller to communicate over the IP network with devices that are not IP-enabled. These interface devices are needed to translate commands received through an IP network connection to commands using an alternative protocol that the target device can receive, such as IR, RS232, etc.

How does the Clare Controls app connect to the CLIQ controller?

On the same local area network (LAN)

When on the same LAN as the CLIQ controller, the Clare Controls application automatically discovers the controller using the Bonjour services, which is built into the controller. The homeowner can then connect to the controller by navigating to the Clare Controls app’s base page, and then selecting the Settings page. At the Settings page, the homeowner sees his or her project name listed. Tap the project name.

If the customer is selecting the controller for the first time, a system password is required for the homeowner to authenticate the connection. This system password can be changed by the system integrator, or by the homeowner using the portal.

Secure access from anywhere

Once a homeowner’s mobile device (running the Clare Controls app) has been authenticated (locally) by the home controller, the homeowner may also have access to ClareAnywhere. ClareAnywhere is an optional service that homeowners use to gain secured control of their home automation solution when they are outside of the home’s LAN. Control of which mobile devices have the ClareAnywhere service is a feature that the homeowners can control in portal.