Chamberlain/Liftmaster/myQ Integration Notice


Clare end customers and Partners may have recently received a communication from Chamberlain Group, the owner of garage door control brands including Liftmaster, Chamberlain, myQ, and Merlin, stating that on March 18th, 2024, they will disable the myQ integration with the Clare system. As a result, myQ-enabled garage door control, status, notifications, automations, and third-party monitoring of these devices through Clare will no longer function after that date. 

This announcement was unexpected and contrary to Snap One’s agreement with Chamberlain to provide myQ integration at no cost to Clare customers. Unfortunately, deprecation actions by Chamberlain aren’t unique to Clare, and similar actions have apparently been taken towards other major platforms in recent months. 

We understand that integration between Clare and myQ goes beyond just convenience--users rely upon this integration for essential security, control, and security monitoring of their homes and businesses. Chamberlain’s decision to disable the integration puts customers at risk and is not acceptable. We will continue to encourage Chamberlain to address these concerns, including continued access for current customers, and facilitate a solution for future customers.  

In response to this situation, and to mitigate potential future disruption, we have turned off the ability to add new integrations within the Clare platform through the myQ API while we explore alternative solutions to integrate Chamberlain garage door openers. Additionally, Clare offers integrations with other garage door opener products, including Genie’s Aladdin Connect platform.  

Should you wish to contact Chamberlain directly about their decision, we would suggest contacting the customer support hotline phone number: +1-800-528-9131 or through their Contact Us page. 


Clare is in the process of raising concerns with Chamberlain regarding the planned depreciation of the Clare-MyQ integration. In the event that Chamberlain reverses its decision, Clare will provide an update to its customers. The following FAQ provides information in the event that Chamberlain disables the Clare-MyQ integration.  

Q: How will this affect Clare users who integrate with myQ?

A: On March 18, 2024, users will see their Chamberlain/Liftmaster/myQ Garage Door control tile in their ClareHome app and ClareOne Panel (as well as legacy Clare systems) appear as an offline device. Users will not be able to interact with the tile apart from removing it from their home screen.

Users can press and hold on the tile to open the tile control menu and selecting Remove to remove the tile.

Q: Will users automation, scenes, and schedules that feature Chamberlain/Liftmaster/myQ Garage Door Openers continue to function through Clare?

A: No. Any scenes that feature Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and myQ services will either skip device operation or fail to function altogether.

Q: Does this affect any other system integrations or devices?

A: No. This should not affect any other third-party device integrations or other garage door openers such as Overhead Garage Door, Genie's Aladdin Connect, or Z-Wave Linear Garage Door openers. The only device that will cease to operate are Chamberlain/Liftmaster/myQ connected garage door openers.

Q: Can users still control their garage door?

A: Yes. Users should still be able to manually control their garage door through their physical remote, control button, or using the separate myQ application and service.

Q: How can I provide feedback to Chamberlain on this issue?

A: You can contact Chamberlain through their  Contact Us page or by calling +1-800-528-9131.

Last Updated: 02/20/2024