CH-RTS3 Installation Guide

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The CH-RTS3 is a two wire remote flush mount temperature sensor. It is designed for use with the CH-THSTAT-W and the CH-THSTAT-Z.


  • Type 2 Curve
  • Flush Mount
  • ¾” disk
  • Self-threading wall insert
  • ½” pilot hole
  • 2 wire
  • 10K Thermistor Style

Technical Specifications

The CH-RTS3 technical specifications, including the dimensions, wiring requirements, and installation instructions are found below.

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Wiring Requirements

The CH-RTS3 sensor wires must be extended. Select one of the following methods.

  • Thermostat wire, maximum length of 250ft
  • Twisted pair (22GA), with a max length of 250ft.
  • Cat 3/5/6 cable (24GA) with a max length of 100ft for a single pair, or 200ft for a double pair.

When connecting the sensor wires to the thermostat base select the RS1 or RS2 sensor contacts.


The CH-RTS3 is designed for a flush mount in the wall or ceiling. Follow the instructions below for proper installation.

To install the CH-RTS3:

1. Drill a 1/2” pilot hole in the desired location.

2. Screw the self-threading remote sensor into the wall.

3. Press the temperature sensor into the wall mount.

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Full PDF - CH-RTS3 Installation Guide (DOC ID 1169)