CH-OS-L Z-Wave Network Transfer Tech Bulletin


This bulletin instructs Clare Controls customers how to transfer the Z-Wave network of a failed CH-OS-L to a replacement CH-OS-L.


  • The Z-Wave network must have been backed up prior to the failure of the CH-OS-L.
  • The new CH-OS-L must use the same project as the original CH-OS-L.
  • If the Z-Wave backup (on the Z-Stick) has been corrupted, the Z-Wave network must be rebuilt.
  • If you are replacing a CH-OS-L with a CLIQ controller, the Z-Wave network must be rebuilt.

Transferring the Z-Wave network

The Z-Stick holds most of the Z-Wave network information. It is not entirely backed up in Fusion. The information on the Z-Stick combines with the Z-Wave information stored in the project. When using Z-Wave, ensure that the Z-Wave network is backed up when devices are added, or when there are changes in the network.

To back up the Z-Wave network:

1. Select the project, and then click the Z-Wave tab.

Image 001

2. Click the Backup Z-Wave Controller button .

A Success messages displays.

Image 002

3. Click OK.

To transfer the Z-Wave network:

1. Ensure that there is no power connected to the failed CH-OS-L device, and then remove the Z-Stick.

Note: If the Z-Stick is removed when the CH-OS-L is powered on, device information may be lost or damaged. The Z-Wave network must be rebuilt if device information is lost.

2. In Fusion, change the project’s UUID to the new CH-OS-L’s UUID, and then click the Save button.

Image 003

Note: The same project must be used for a successful Z-Wave network transfer.

3. Ensure that the new CH-OS-L is not powered on, and then insert the Z-Stick.

4. Power on the new CH-OS-L.

Depending on the size of the project, it may take between 3 and 5 minutes for all Z-Wave devices to come online.

5. In Fusion, access the Z-Wave tab, and then click the Refresh button.

Image 004

6. Ensure that all Z-Wave devices are online.

If any devices are missing, wait several minutes and refresh again.

7. Restore the Z-Wave network.

To restore the Z-Wave network:

1. Click the Restore Z-Wave Controller button.
The Restore Z-Wave Controller dialog displays.

Image 005

2. Click Yes.

3. The Restore Z-Wave Controller dialog displays. Click OK. ­

Image 006

For larger projects you may see an error message. Click Ok.

Image 007

4. Test all Z-Wave devices to confirm a successful transfer.

Note: If the Z-Wave devices did not come online, or the devices are not working, the Z-Stick may be corrupted. You will need to rebuild the Z-Wave network.

Full PDF - CH-OS-L Z-Wave Network Transfer Tech Bulletin (DOC ID 1094)