CH-OS-L: End-of-Sale Product Bulletin

ClareOS Linux Host Controller End-of-Sale Announcement

Clare Controls announces the End-of-Sale (EOS) for its CH-OS-L Linux Host Controller device. The device will no longer be available for purchase after October 31, 2014. Customers who have already purchased a CH-OS-L will continue to receive support from Clare Controls Customer Support for three years from the original purchase date. [1]

Clare Controls has introduced the CLIQ family of host controllers that replaces the CH-OS-L while offering additional capabilities. The CLIQ family brings new standards of flexibility, scalability, and efficiency to home automation. Information about the CLIQ models can be found at

[1] In the unlikely event that a CH-OS-L unit under warranty must be returned, Clare Controls reserves the right to repair the unit or replace it with a CLIQ model, or similar model.

Full PDF - CH-OS-L EOS and EOL Product Bulletin (DOC ID 797)