Legacy Surveillance

Camera Firefox Support Tech Bulletin


Mozilla Firefox is the recommended web browser for accessing ClareVision and ClareVision Plus cameras. Firefox has discontinued support for their NPAPI plugin, rendering the cameras and NVRs unviewable in the browser.

Note: The NPAPI plugin is only compatible with the 32-bit Mozilla Firefox installation.


Continue using Firefox by downloading and installing the ESR (extended support release) version.

To download and use the ESR version of Firefox:

1. Access the computer used to view the cameras/NVRs.

2. Click the Windows link below, depending on the computer type.


3. Access and run the downloaded Firefox Setup.

4. Complete the Mozilla Firefox Setup Wizard as prompted.

5. Launch Firefox, and then disable auto-updates.

To disable auto-updates:

1. Click the Open Menu icon.

web browser toolbar

2. Click Options.


3. Click Advanced.

select advanced

4. Click Update.

advanced - update

5. Select Never check for updates.

select never update

Full PDF - Camera Firefox Support Tech Bulletin (DOC ID 1574)