Autonomic Release Notes


Clare Controls announces the integration of Autonomic amplifiers and music streaming devices into the Clare system.

Integrate Autonomic devices in a Clare control system to allow your customers more control over their audio devices. They can send commands and interact with their devices in the Clare system from their Android or iOS devices.

The devices integrate with the Clare system in a way similar to existing supported audio devices. All audio devices share a common UI to ensure user experience consistency.

Supported Autonomic devices:


  • M-120E
  • M-401E
  • M-801E

Music streamers

  •  MMS-1E
  • MMS-3E
  • MMS-5E


  • All music services supported in current Autonomic firmware are supported and accessible using the Clare app.
  • Do not configure Autonomic devices in the Autonomic app. Use the Clare app to configure Autonomic zones and services.

Installation and device configuration

The Autonomic devices must be hard wired to the data network using an Ethernet cable, and then configured using the Clare app. Installation and configuration must be done through a professional Autonomic installer/dealer.

Auto-discovery with Autonomic and the Clare app

The Clare app uses Auto-discovery to connect to Autonomic devices. Once the devices are on the network, they are available in the Clare app. The zones must be named, and each desired service configured.

To auto-discover Autonomic devices with the Clare app:

  1. Launch the Clare app and Autonomic is ready for use.
  2. Tap the Devices icon to view available devices.

    my devices

  3. Tap Music.


  4. The Autonomic speakers display in the list and are functional.


  5. Tap the Plus Icon to add the Autonomic device to your space, and then tap Home.
  6. Tap and hold the desired Autonomic zone until the icon “wiggles”, entering Edit mode.

  7. Tap the Pencil icon. 
  8. Enter the desired name, and then tap Done.


    The Autonomic zone is renamed.


  9. Repeat this for each zone.

      Note: For each zone not being used, rename it and include the word offline. For example, Zone 6 – Offline. This allows the user to know that this zone is meant to appear as offline and it is not in use.


    To configure services:

    1. Access the Autonomic music service in the Clare app.

      Image 005
    2. Tap the Music note icon to view available services.

    3. Tap the desired service.
      A pop-up displays when it is not configured in Autonomic.


    4. Verify that you are on the network Autonomic is configured, and then tap Ok.
    5. Tap the Menu icon, and then tap Content.


    6. Scroll to view available services, and then tap the desired service’s Edit icon.


    7. Enter the service credentials, and then tap Add.


      The service is now accessible in the Clare app.

      User interface example

      The following figures show the Autonomic controls on the ClareHome UI.

      Figure 1: Autonomic user interface

      Image 005

      Note: Album artwork is only available when provided by Autonomic.


      Full PDF - Autonomic Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1862)