Legacy - Clare Security Panel FAQs

Does the panel rely on the Cliq.Mini for communication to the monitoring center?

No. If the Cliq.Mini is not online the panel continues to report to the call center.

Will the panel report to the call center when the home network is down?

Yes! The cellular card must be installed and active.

Does the panel rely on the Cliq.Mini for interactive services?

Yes. The Cliq.Mini is required for interactive services.

Do the door/window sensors come in multiple colors?

No. The sensors can be painted to match (except for the smoke detector and the carbon monoxide sensor).

What happens when there is a power outage in the home?

The panel includes a 24 hour backup battery and continues to function when the power goes out.

What happens when the internet goes down in a home?

The panel continues to report to the central station as long as the cellular card is installed and activated.

What sensors are supported?

Clare Controls works with the following sensors:

Is the Panel Bluetooth?

Yes! The panel has built in Bluetooth and adds its sensors, keypads, and peripherals.