Integrating to Third Party Surveillance Systems
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Adding a Hikvision Camera to a ClareVision (CLR-V200) NVR

Discover and Preconfigure Cameras

Note: not all Hikvision cameras will have the following configuration settings. Where the settings are exposed, they must be set accordingly.

  1. Locate cameras on LAN by using Hikvision SADP tool.

    Note: The ClareVision NVR PoE port hardware is a simple data switch. Meaning any device connected to the PoE ports are visible from the LAN side of the NVR. With the Hikvision cameras connected directly to the NVR, you can use the Hikvision SADP tool do discover the cameras from the LAN side of the NVR.
  2. Set cameras to DHCP using SADP tool.
  3. Open Internet explorer as administrator.  Browse to and log into first camera to be configured.
  4. Configure camera Security, navigate to Configuration > System > Security > Authentication
    1. Change RTSP Authentication to "digest/basic".
    2. Change WEB Authentication to "digest/basic".
    3. Click Save.

      Image 598
  5. Disable Illegal Login Lock, navigate to Configuration > System > Security > Security Service.
    1. Uncheck Enable Illegal Login Lock.
    2. Click Save.

      Image 599
  6. Configure camera Time Settings, navigate to Configuration > System Settings > Time Settings.
    1. Select correct time zone from Time Zone pick list.
    2. Select NTP, and test.
    3. Click Save, ensure Device Time updates accordingly, repeat save until updated.

      Image 600-1
  7. Configure Integration Protocol and add ONVIF user, navigate to Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Integration Protocol.
      1. Ensure Enable ONVIF is checked.
      2. Click Save.
      3. Click Add above user list.

        Image 601-3
      4. In the add user dialog box, enter the user name (we used "onvif" for this example), the preferred password and password confirmation, and the mark the user type as Media User.Image 603
    1. Click Save and verify the user is added to the user list.

Note: This is the user that will be used in the NVR to authenticate camera on the NVR.

Image 601a-1

    Add camera to NVR

    1. Locate NVR on LAN using IP Search tool.
    2. Open Internet Explorer as Administrator.
    3. Browse to NVR and Login. Install NVR plug-in if prompted (follow on-screen instructions).
    4. Add camera to NVR, Configuration > Channel > Camera.
      1. Click Add.

        Image 587
      2. Find Hikvision camera on displayed list.
      3. Click check box next to camera or cameras to add.
      4. Click Add on Camera list dialog.

        Image 588
      5. Click Cancel.
      6. Verify camera is now displayed in added camera list, Configuration > Channel > Camera.

        Image 592
      7. Click Edit next to camera on list.
      8. Enter ONVIF user password created for camera and click Save.

        Image 593
      9. Click Conf. next to camera on list.
      10. Verify Resolution field automatically populates with camera stream resolution for Main Stream and Sub Stream if supported.

        Image 595
      11. If stream resolution is displayed, click Save.
    5. Verify camera is streaming.
      1. Select the Preview tab and proceed with the next step. Repeat all steps above if stream resolution is not displayed.
      2. Click Play button on bottom of Preview window.
    6. Repeat ALL previous steps for each Hikvision camera to be added to NVR.