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2 MP Turret Camera: Memory Card Installation


The purpose of this document is to go over the installation of a memory card in the 2 MP Turret Camera.


Use the following instructions to install the memory card.

To install the memory card:

  1. Disassemble the camera.
    1. Rotate the trim ring counter-clockwise to take it off from the camera.
    2. Loosen the fixing screw. Take the mounting base off from the camera and the enclosure.
    3. Separate the camera and the enclosure.disassemble
  2. Install the memory card.
    1. Unscrew the memory card slot cover.
    2. Insert the memory card.

      memory card
  3. (Optional) Remove the memory card.
    1. (Optional) to unmount the memory card, push to get it ejected.
    2. Screw the memory card slot cover back.
  4. Reassemble the camera.
    1. Attach and secure memory card slot cover.
      Note: Ensure that when the memory card slot cover is secured that the black weather sealing is intact and not crimped or folded.
    2. Resecure the camera to the enclosure.
    3. Secure the fixing screw. Reattach the mounting base to the camera.
    4. Rotate the trim ring clockwise until secure.


    Full PDF - Turret Camera - Installing a Memory Card Tech Bulletin (DOC ID 2004)