Configuring a Third-Party IP Camera with a CC NVR Tech Bulletin


This bulletin communicates how to successfully configure a third-party IP camera with a Clare Controls NVR.


Third-party IP cameras

A third-party IP camera can only be added to the ClareHome system when it is connected to a Clare Controls NVR.


Connect the IP camera to a Clare Controls NVR to communicate with the ClareHome system.

To configure the IP camera for the NVR:

1. Log into the NVR.

2. Browse to the IP Camera menu. Configuration > Remote Configuration > Camera Management > IP Camera.

tb 1

3. Select the checkbox of the camera or channel in the first Channel No. column, and then click Custom Protocol.

The Custom Protocol dialog displays.

tb 2

4. Configure the Custom Protocol dialog for the camera as suggested below.

Custom Protocol: The protocol being used by the camera.

Protocol Name: The name you want to give the protocol you are using.

Stream Type: Sub Stream

Protocol: Select the protocol type.

Transfer Protocol: Select the transfer method preferred.

Port: The port number that the camera is using.

Stream Path: The path used to view the cameras video stream. This URL is different for each camera.

Note: Select the Enable Stream checkbox.

5. Click OK.

6. Navigate to the Video Settings menu. Configuration > Remote Configuration > Camera Settings > Video Settings.

tb 3

7. Configure the Video Settings field as listed below.

Channel No.: The channel selected for the IP camera.

Stream Type: Sub Stream

Video Type: Video Stream

Resolution: 704 x 480

Bitrate Type: Constant

Video Quality: Lowest (You cannot edit this field.)

Frame Rate: 4

Max Bitrate: 584

Video Encoding: H.264

Note: You cannot edit this field. You must log into the IP camera to change this setting.

8. Click Save.

After adding the IP camera to the Clare Controls NVR, configure the NVR in Fusion.

To add the first NVR channel to Fusion:

1. Click the Device tab, and then click the New Device button .

2. The Select Template dialog displays. Browse to CCTV > DVR/NVR and select a model. Click OK.

Fusion - select template

3. In the Details tab, enter a name for the camera channel – for example, Front Door Channel 1. You can also enter notes in this tab.

Fusion - details tab actual 1

4. Click the Configure tab.

Fusion - configure tab 1

5. Enter the values in the following fields:

  • In the Address field, enter the device’s network IP address.
  • In the field, enter the NVR channel you want to add. For example, the 4 Channel NVR has four channels that can be added. Each one of these channels corresponds with a camera connected to the NVR.

6. Click the Save and Close button.

7. When the Create Service dialog displays, click OK.

front door channel 1

After adding the initial channel, configure the remaining channels for the NVR.

Adding additional channels:

1. Return to the Devices tab and highlight the NVR channel that was just created.

2. Right click the device, and then click Clone Device.

The copy displays in the Details tab.

Fusion - details tab 1

3. In the Details tab, name the next channel – for example, Garage Door Channel 2.

channel 2 - details

4. Click the Configure tab and change the value field to channel 2.

Fusion - configure tab

5. Click Save.

6. When the Create Service dialog displays click OK.

Fusion - create service

7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for each additional camera/channel in use.

Full PDF - Configuring a Third-Party IP Camera with a CC NVR Tech Bulletin (DOC ID 861)