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The Clare Video Doorbell V3 is your virtual presence at home. Capture important details with the 3 MP camera and PIR motion sensor that helps prevent false notifications. You can even review recorded video footage from the included 16GB micro SD card - no monthly fees!

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PIR Motion Sensor
Detects motion and prevents unwanted notifications


Dual-Band Wi-Fi
Supports 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks


Low Light Performance
3 MP Starlight sensor provides enhanced full color imagery


Enhanced Chime Support
Supports mechanical, digital, or no chime installations


180° Vertical FOV
View the entire front entrance, including delivered packages

HubSpot Video

Never miss a critical moment or package delivery.

Capture important detail including packages often hidden in camera blind spots.The doorbells extended vertical field of view (FOV) can capture the visitor's entire profile. The built-in PIR sensor uses heat detection to prevent false motion alerts and those caused by small pets and animals. You can view live and recorded video footage directly through your smartphone using the ClareVision Plus App available on iOS and Android:



Clare Video Doorbell V3
Extended Vertical FOV

An extended vertical FOV allows you to see more detail such as packages left at the doorstep as well as visitors full profile.

Competitor Video Doorbells
Wide Horizontal FOV

A wide horizontal FOV captures can capture extra detail along the horizontal edges but obstruct the doorstep as well as the visitors face.

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