Thank you for purchasing the Clare Starter Kit.

This kit was designed to allow you to get hands-on experience with the Clare platform before completing tech training or becoming a certified Clare dealer. Kits can also be used to familiarize technicians with the installation and setup process. The instructional videos below can help you get started with setting up and configuring your first system.

Step 1: Kit Unboxing
View the difference between the two Clare Starter Kit options, and the hardware that is included in each.
Duration: 2:17

Step 2: Router Set Up
This video covers the set up process for the router that's included in each kit.
Duration: 1:30

Step 3: Set Up
View the set up process for Clare's most popular control hub; the
Duration: 3:54

Step 4: (CSK-1 Only) Helix Panel Set Up
This video covers the Helix Security Panel set up. The panel is only included in CSK-1. Otherwise, continue to Step 5.
Duration: 2:54

Step 5: (CSK-2 Only) Thermostat Set Up
Learn how to configure Clare's thermostat. The thermostat is only included in CSK-2. Otherwise, continue to Step 6.
Duration: 4:41

Step 6: CVP 1MP Cube Camera Set Up
Learn how to set up the ClareVision Plus Indoor Camera.
Duration: 7:57

Step 7: Using Install Assist App
Learn how to quickly add devices to the Clare system using your mobile phone. This video covers the the process of getting devices online.
Duration: 3:30

Step 8: Adding Z-Wave Devices
View how to add Z-Wave devices to your Clare system using the Install Assist App.
Duration: 3:18

Step 9: (CSK-1 Only) Importing Helix Panel
This step is only applicable if you are using the CSK-1 kit configuration. This step covers how to add the Helix Panel to your Clare system using the Install Assist App.
Duration: 4:25

Step 10: Using ClareHome App
This is everything you need to know about using the ClareHome App to manage and control your Clare system.
Duration: 11:11

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