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Clare Controls Is Compatible With Over 1,800 Devices!

Clare supports these popular manufacturersClare Controls connects with over 1,800 different devices via Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and more. Get excited with home automation by controlling your favorite devices from Amazon Alexa or your smart phone using the ClareHome App. Be sure to read more to learn why Clare stands out in today's market, and how dealers can take advantage of great opportunities!

Animated iWatch and Echo Dot

The Clare platform connects all of today's most popular devices from leading manufacturers, into a single, scalable solution. Today's smart home market is cluttered with different apps for lighting controls, audio systems, thermostats, door locks and security systems. Just because "there's an app for that", it doesn't mean customers are happy about it. In fact, the app-hop fatigue has never been greater.

According to recent studies by Argus Insights, consumers are becoming inherently frustrated with the wide-range of apps that are required for their favorite services and devices.

Companies are being forced to focus more on increasing their customers delight with innovative solutions that go beyond what their customer expects to stay relevant, and to continue growing their revenue.

Clare is leading the industry by providing a cost-effective software and hardware platform that allows the homeowners favorite devices to be controlled from a single interface - the ClareHome App. Homeowners are excited about smart home automation, demanding the latest popular items from their dealers, regardless of cost.

Stay connected to your favorite devices

Today, the ClareHome system supports over 1,800 different popular devices, and that list continues to grow. Clare supports everything from security systems, to full smart home automation. Amazon Alexa integration gives homeowners voice control over lights, locks, thermostats, and more! Launch your favorite tunes from your Sonos or HEOS speakers, or use Clare's own ClareVue lighting with a scene for a fun-filled movie night! The possibilities are endless, limited only by imagination.

With Clare, not only are dealers able to advertise total home control from a single app, but they are supported by a reliable platform that is cost effective, scalable, and easy-to install and manage using a wide-rage of tools. From the simplest smart home installation, to luxury projects that feature complex lighting, entertainment, pool controls, and even shades - We have you covered!

For a list of all 1,800 supported devices, be sure to click here:
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Click here to download the ClareHome App guide to learn more about installing and using the App. 

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