What should a dealer know about ClareNet

ClareNet is a portal provided by Clare to dealers who wish to do security monitoring using the ClareSecure security panel.

What is ClareNet?

ClareNet is a portal developed exclusively for security monitoring with ClareHome and only with the ClareSecure panel. Clare has developed a very tight integration for security using ClareSecure which is the only security panel which can be added using Install Assist. All other panels must be manually created in Fusion. Dealers who have applied for and been added to ClareNet can set up specific ClareHome systems with Install Assist to be monitored by the Central Station (monitoring company) of their choice. Clare does not manage the Central Station (CS) account, that is a business relationship between the installer and their CS. One of the links below lists most of the central stations which are compatible with ClareNet

Relaying Alarms

Alarms and notifications from the ClareSecure  panel are sent to ClareNet via IP which are then relayed to the dealers preferred CS. The relay is done over telephone lines using the phone number provided by the dealer’s CS provider. It is effectively a analog connection to the CS via the designated number. The information which is then sent to the CS is the account number and the issue using industry standard 2, 3, & 4 digit codes. Also included is the zone which is at fault. The CS takes the information via an automated lookup of the account and determines what to do based on the customer account configuration. It is important that the dealer or their rep configures the zone information in the CS customer account info. For example the ClareSecure panel sends data that zone 1 is troubled. The dealer has to configure the customer account at the CS to include definitions for the zones. "Zone 1 = Front Door". This is 100% the responsibility of the dealer.

Alarm relays are IP to ClareNet and dial up using POTs (Plain Old Telephone) line to the CS. The POTs delivery protocol is "Contact ID" using DTMF.

How does the dealer configure ClareNet?

The links below include more detailed data but basically the process is...

  1. Install and configure ClareHome with the ClareSecure panel
  2. Register the MyClareHome account
  3. From the Fusion project, click the ClareNet icon
  4. Complete the ClareNet activation by inserting each of the following...The CS station phone number The customers 4 digit account.The 4 digit ClareSecure CRC (found on the barcode label on the ClareSecure panel)
  5. Click activate
  6. Test the alarm relays with the central station.

All of the above steps assumes the dealer has completed the customer profile in the CS account.

What must the dealer do to start using ClareNet?

The following are required to start using ClareNet

  1. Dealer should have a dealer account with Clare.
  2. At least one member on the dealers team must be trained and have access to Fusion.
  3. Dealer must be using a Central Station compatible with ClareNet.
  4. Central station must be able to receive alarms using “Contact ID”

How does it all tie together?

ClareNet is effectively and User Interface (UI) accessible via the Clare Dealer Portal. When accessing via the portal the dealer can see all projects they have installed, it is not restricted to those that have ClareSecure . To go directly to a specific project, the dealer can click on the ClareNet button from the Fusion project, or find it on the list in the portal and select it from there.

Testing Alarms with the CS

By default all alarm notifications from ClareSecure to the CS are delayed by 60 seconds. When testing with the CS ensure your zone alarm is in the alarmed state for at least 60 seconds.

Additional Documentation/Information for Dealers.

The following links provide additional information about ClareNet.